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When will The Stranger season 2 premiere? Release Date, Cast, and What to Expect

The first season of British mystery thriller series written by Danny Brocklehurst — The Stranger was received well by the viewers and critics as well. After witnessing a web of nerve-wracking mysteries, fans have become hungry to see the second season of The Stranger.

The Stranger is based on the 2015 Harlan Coben novel of the same title. The miniseries premiered on Netflix on 30 January 2020. The story starts with a mysterious stranger telling a man a secret that has a devastating impact on his seemingly perfect life. This Stranger is a woman in her 20s with a baseball cap, and is learned to be correlated with more secrets as the series progresses. This secret affects the man’s wife who goes missing as a result.

The mystery thriller show stars Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Jennifer Saunders and Hannah John-Kame

At the end of season 1, viewers found the truth about the titular character, portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) — but questions still remain.

Coben said, “they created the show to be one season,” going on to clarify, “We don’t think it’s fair to have one of those shows where they don’t give you all the answers, and you have to wait until season two before you get it. This is a closed story. You learned all the answers by the end, and the ending is tremendously satisfying.” However, he didn’t rule out the possibility of season 2 ever happening and said, “Could some of the characters return to season two? Maybe, but that’s not our plan. I never say never, but it’s not our plan. Our plan is to give you one great, great season.”

The Stranger Season 2 Release Date

Given that The Stranger has yet to obtain a green light for a second period, it’s pure uncertainty at this point regarding when a possible 2nd batch of episodes would certainly be released. So, we can assume that The Stranger season will be released in February 2021– a year after season 1– isn’t out of the question, it’s not very likely.

The Stranger Season 2 Cast

The Stranger 2 period will feature all the main stars if it ever happens. The fantastic actor with the protagonist, the unknown played by Hannah John-Kamen along with Adam Rate, played by Richard Armitage and the better half of his family members, Dervla Kirwan, and also his children play the role of Corinne. Ryan Rate as Misha Handley, although Jacob Dudman as Thomas Rate is more probable to recoup when season 2 falls.

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