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When Will iOS 16 Be Released? [Update: Features And More Updates]

Is iOS 16 releasing anytime soon? Yes, Apple is releasing iOS 16 soon. Read the full article to know the particular details of the upcoming release.

iOS 16 Release Date and Time

Apple will be releasing iOS 16 on September 12, 2022. With a bag full of new specifications and features, Apple has successfully released iOS 16 today. Also, the feature of SOS via satellite will also be activated in iPhone 16. Not just that but the previous iPhone launches can be connected with iOS 16 very easily. Although the Apple authorities have not yet revealed the real look of the iPhone 16, the authorities have revealed the features of the product. Let’s have a look at the features of the iPhone 16.


1. Several Lock Screens:

iPhone 16 can have several lock screens at the same time. You can just swipe right and your lock screen will change every time.

2. Notifications:

Only you can view all the notifications from the lock screen itself. You can also view the notifications in different styles.

3. Use Of The Focus:

One should connect her lock screen with the focus. This will help the phone understand and show you notifications that you want to see at that moment.

4. Messages:

We know that sending messages can’t be deleted or edited. But on iPhone 16 you can delete or edit any message. This feature is applicable to even already sent messages. But the only limit is you can only edit messages within 15 minutes of their sending.

5. Mail:

A very innovative feature that iPhone 16 will be having is ‘Attachments’. If while writing a mail you forget to insert an attachment, the phone will give you indications that you have forgotten to include your attachment. This is one of the most innovative features of the iPhone 16.

6. Safari:

The most helpful feature one could even ask for is ‘sharing tabs’. One can share any tab and can also receive any tabs from his friends.

7. iCloud:

Another new feature is you can share particular folders with five more people through iCloud. Not just albums, but you can also share separate pictures with your friends through iCloud.

These are the new features that you will be able to see on iPhone 16. Let’s wait for the reveal of the body and colors of the iPhone 16.

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