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When will Anusha and Karan return with Love School season 5? 

Love school, a reality dating made for the couples. The show is basically made for couples to solve the issues they face in their relationship. Till date, they have completed four-seasons of love school. The last two seasons were hosted by Karen Kundra and Anusha Dandekar, who is a real-life couple.

Every season of love school creates many controversies in social media. The show mostly receives many negative critics, more than the positive one. The contestants receive great fame from this reality show, either good or bad. In spite of that, there are many fans for this show, mainly the youth. 

The stars of the Love school season 5

As per the last two seasons, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar will be the host for Love school season 5 also. The list of new contestants is not revealed yet. Every year a new set of couples are seen in love school. The fourth season was won by Sunny Cheema and Manpreet Kaur. So we have to wait to get the winners of Love School season 5. 

It is expected that the Love School season 5 will be more interesting than the other seasons. In every season the crew return with a new set of rules and game patterns. The task and assignments for the contestants are upgraded so that the fans remain entertained. Along with the couples, they might also introduce some singles in the game show. 

What is the show about?

Love School is mainly made for couples to make their bond strong. The couples have to complete a set of tasks given by the hosts. The task is mostly time-based. The couples who perform the worst will be in the danger zone. The couples in the danger zone have to survive from the elimination.

They are estimated from the votes given by their competitors. As the weeks pass the couples are reduced. And the ultimate little is won by the couple, who performs the best in the last task.

When will we get Love school season 5?

Love school is basically telecasted for the completion of Roadies. Roadies is another well-known reality show on MTV. Due to the pandemic issue, the telecast of Roadies was delayed for a few months. Love school will be mostly telecasted after completing Roadies. The official date of Love School season 5 is not announced yet. If there are no further issues or delays due to the corona pandemic, then season 5 of love school is expected to be telecasted at the end of 2020. The fans have a holdup for Love school season 5. 


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