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When is below Deck coming back?

The Bravo has no shortage of great and exciting reality shows but Below Deck has reached the peak of the programming network with a unique mix of getaways, casts, and explosive drama.

Below Deck season 8 is very likely to premiere in 2020. However, the ongoing pandemic may push the date a little later. The casting director Dianna Wallace has ben posting cast updates regularly on his Instagram page since October 2019. Sources also confirmed that shooting for season 8 has been cut short as there are still good numbers of episodes for a full season.

The most recent season that was aired in February 2020 comprised of problematic and disrespectful crew members including Bosun Ashton Pienaar and Chef Kevin Dobson. Because of the unsavory and misconduct, season 8 is likely to come up with numerous changes.

Although the list of casting members has not been revealed, Kate Chastain, the lead actor won’t be seen anymore as announced by her in recent times. Kate has been a part of the show since its first launch and has been one of the longest servicing crew members after Captain Lee Rosbach.

The Bravo star Jessica More lives in Los Angeles, but she boats most of the time : 3 months away, one month home. In a recent interview, she claimed that she is abroad the 184-foot yacht in the middle of the ocean on a  136′ foot boat. With a henna tattoo in hand, she also expressed her love for India, and it has been one of her most fav destinations.

Ben Robinson, the chef who created the once-in-a-lifetime dishes for the guest, has been sticking to the series since its launch. He now lives in Florida and works as a private chef for special events, as sources revealed.

Adrienne Gang, the chief stewardess, loves the Yachty life as could be seen from her Instagram page mostly packed with snaps from Below deck series. Captain Lee Rosbach, who kept the yachties in check and taken care of guests’ delight has been deeply heartbroken by the demise of his 42-year old son last October.

In a recent tweet, Vice president of current production Pamela Gimenez teased the return of former crew member and assured that the new season is again going to be fan- favorite. And Fans just can’t wait!

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