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When does Oak Island season 7 start?

Oak Island is back with our duo Rick and Marty. And, this time it is one of the biggest seasons for this franchise. The previous season had unfolded some major discoveries like the borehole 10 X and the infamous Money Pit.

Once again starting back on this journey, the brothers will be using some advanced technologies. The mystery of the 220-year-old Oak Island is still hidden in layers and with each advancing season, it seems to be getting more interesting.

The Curse of Oak Island presents a fascinating story. A tv documentary and a reality series, we get involved in the mystery of Oak Island with Rick and Marty Lagina. The use of sophisticated machinery gives the series an interesting edge.

The Curse of Oak Island: Season 7 release date

Season 7 of The Curse of Oak Island has a total of 23 episodes.

The latest season was aired on November 2, 2019. The finale episode aired on April 28, 2020.

Till now, the series The Curse of Oak Island has a total of 112 episodes spanning across 7 seasons. This reality TV series was first aired on January 5, 2014.

The Curse of Oak Island: what happens in the Season 7 finale

In the season 7 finale, to our much disappointment, no treasure comes up. There has a lot of digging need to get hold of something on the island for 200 years. The brothers now need to cave in before they get hold of some elusive treasure. They might just end up digging the whole island.

Marty Lagina says that they are planning to dig a hole 100 feet wide and 250 feet deep. And this would be done in the area around the “Money Pit”

But this is going to be one expensive endeavour. This might take them 3 years and cost them tens of millions of dollars.

The Curse of Oak Island is the top-rated cable TV show in America. This is a 225-year-old treasure mystery and the fellowship will still continue on their quest to resolve this mystery around Oak Island.

Where to stream the series?

You can watch the entire series of “The Curse of Oak Island – Season 7” on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, History and Hoopla. Join the Lagina brothers on this mysterious journey in the Oak Island.

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