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WhatsApp Brings a New Update for its Audio Recording Feature!

WhatsApp, one of the prominently used messaging app, is coming up with an update for its audio recording feature. The messenger is reportedly working on a new feature that will simplify the way the user records audio messages.

As of now, the audio feature is already there, where the users have to record an audio message in a single attempt. Subsequently, they can either approve the audio and send it or reject and delete it and record it all over again. WhatsApp by Facebook is working on an update for the audio recording feature with the aim to simplify and ease the process of recording an audio message and make it more effective.

The news was first confirmed by WABetaInfo, a news website/outlet dedicated to track and bring out all new WhatsApp updates and features. The website first noticed the new feature on the iOS beta version of the instant messaging application. Now the reports say that WhatsApp is working on something similar to android mobiles as well.

With the new update, the users will be given an option to pause the audio while recording. As a result, they will not be required to record everything at once or re-record if they make a mistake. They can just pause the audio and carry on with the recording once they are ready after resuming it. This revelation was made by the news outlet WABetaInfo via a video that described the new update by Whatsapp.

As per the video shared by the outlet, WhatsApp has provided a few buttons under the graphic or icon of the audio recording. One of them is a red icon, which allows the user to start or stop the audio whenever they want, and once they are done recording the message, they can send it to their contact. The delete option is available on the left side, and the send option is on the right side of the screen.

However, it is known yet when people would be able to enjoy the feature on their devices. But the company is working on the update, and as per WEBetaInfo, it will appear on Android sometime soon. Moreover, according to the reports, WhatsApp’s new audio recording update will be available not only for personal chats but for group chats as well.

This update is certainly required by all for a long time now as everyone has experiences difficulty while recording the message on WhatsApp without any option to pause the recording. Besides, WhatsApp by Facebook is one of the messaging applications which is specifically known for its frequent and interesting updates. Recently, the platform had updated its end-to-end encryption feature. WhatsApp enabled backups for end-to-end encrypted in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS

Other than that, WhatsApp recently came up with a speed control provision for listening to a voice message. It has allowed the users to adjust the speed of the audio while playing it to 1x, 1.5x, and 2x as per their comfort. Here 1x is the lowest speed, while 2x is the highest speed that you can listen to audio in.

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