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What’s Wrong With Kim Kardashian’s Face?

Fans have suggested that Kim may have gotten another plastic surgery.

It is common for a Kardashian family member to opt for an exorbitant amount of plastic surgery to re-structure the shapes of their faces and bodies, as per what they prefer.  The celebrities often go together when it comes to plastic surgery. They go everywhere together. We also know that Kylie Jenner has been a part of such blatant use of plastic surgery for quite some time. Along with Kylie, we also have Khloe Kardashian who has ended up sculpting her figure to match the same dimensions as a Barbie doll. Out of all the sisters that are in today, it is Kim who has undergone the most amount of surgery.

As per what the fans have been pointing out, Kim has found herself in a terrible situation. It seems like the kind of plastic surgery that Kim has got through the latest venture, has not exactly gone her way. The news first came out when a thread on Reddit went viral. It was the Botox truthers who ended up pointing out the specific scenes in some of the latest Kim Kardashian episodes, wherein Kim seems to be looking quite odd.

Kim Looks Odd – Why’s That?

In the episode, we also have Scott Disick. He is seen as seeking for some kind of mentorship and help from Kim, as he has a public speaking event coming up some time soon. In response, Scott is able to prepare for the spotlight. While this scene was meant to focus on Scott, all eyes were on Kim. It was this very scene which ended up catching a lot of eyeballs.

Viewers of the reality TV show have suggested that while Kim Kardashian looks quite good and beautiful otherwise, she is looking particularly strange in the specified scene. The celebrity’s face is apparently not moving like a normal face anymore. With each passing episode, Kim seems to be looking worse and worse. Whenever Kim is seen smiling, her face appears to be extremely stiff. She has stopped looking natural. Her lips have ended up appearing larger-than-life and it comes across as quite unflattering.

While this is just some of the harsh criticism that has been haunting Kim’s life lately, it may have some amount of truth in it. It is quite evident that Kim looks quite terrible in the screenshots posted by the fans. The situation may not be as exaggerated as suggested by the fans but it does seem like a total waste with the facial surgery.

Kim Kardashian, being the reality TV star that she is, has been frequently-photographed quite a few times. There are a lot of minor changes that are immediately overt, as she is photographed in different angles. It is highly possible that this may an instance where she was photographed but in a wrong angle.

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