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What’s The Uncertainty Around Deadpool 3?

Disney has merged with 21st Century Fox but what does this mean for Deadpool 3?

There has been a lot of uncertainty around the release of Deadpool 3. Ever since the news regarding Disney’s merger with the 21st Century Fox came out, one isn’t aware of what the future holds for many of the massively-successful titles in the film industry. One of the chief films that is subject to a lot of speculation is the third instalment of super-hero movie, Deadpool. This movie features Ryan Reynolds in the role as Deadpool. The two movies that have been released thus far, have been loved by the fans. The first film had managed to garner a lot of positive reviews and box office successes. The movie, when followed by another one, with a lot more interesting characters and an equally fall-off-your seat humour, had also managed to win a lot of hearts.

What Does Ryan Reynold Have To Say?

Ryan Reynolds, who is known to make sly comments in the form of tweets, has remained silent on this matter. The followers of this spectacle have kept a close eye on Reynolds since then. However, the time has finally come when Ryan Reynolds is no longer quiet. He has spoken for sure and what he has said has led many tweeters to re-tweet the tweet.

When Did Disney Merge With 21st Century Fox?

Disney went on to merge with 21st Century Fox towards the end of last year, i.e. 2019. It was much more to the merger than just them partnering together. If reports are believed to be true, it seems like Fox’s distribution rights for some of Marvel’s major titles had also been acquired by Disney. Some of the leading titles include Fantastic Four and X-Men. Therefore, besides Deadpool, these titles are also in question. These movies hanging in the limbo is possibly not a good sign for the fans.

While we wait for further development to fall into place, in a recent exposure, Ryan Reynolds expressed how he feels about the whole process. In an interview with the press, Reynolds was quoted as saying:

“I don’t feel like an insider at all. I think once I’m more intimate with it – if we get to make a Deadpool 3..if or when we get to make a Deadpool 3, I’ll probably have a better perspective on that. But’s a huge fan of Marvel, and how they make movies. So when Disney bought Fox, I only saw that as a good thing. Deadpool hopefully being allowed to play in that sandbox, I think is just a win for everyone involved. But we will certainly see.”

In this interview with Games Radar, Reynolds had directly indicated that he is not worried about the whole situation at all. In fact, he is happy about it and really appreciates the fact that they are in the hands of someone incredible. He is personally invested in the Deadpool series and respects whether it needs renewal or not to be in the hands of its creators.

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