What is the role of Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries?

Damon Salvatore is the elder of the Salvatore brothers. Damon Salvatore is a fictional character of The Vampire Diaries. Damon’s role was played by Ian Somerhalder in the series. Stefan Salvatore is the younger of Damon. Damon was a 178 years old vampire. And he is also a frigid offspring of Silas. The story is a love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and a doppelganger. 

Biodata of Damon Salvatore

 Damon Salvatore was born in Mystic Falls on June 18, 1839. Damon was a human at first and he was also a soldier. Katherine Pierce turned Damon into a vampire on September 25, 1864. Damon was in love with Katherine at first. After having the vampire blood in his system, Damon as a human was killed by Giuseppe Salvatore. Damon’s family members were the council members that hated vampires. 

Family members of Damon Salvatore

Silas was his Distant Paternal Ancestor. Giuseppe Salvatore was his father and Lillian Salvatore was his mother. Stefan Salvatore was his Younger Brother. Caroline Forbes was his Sister-In-Law. He also had an Unborn Niece of Stefan and Valerie Tulle. Zachariah Salvatore was his Paternal Half-Nephew. Joseph Salvatore was his Distant Paternal Half-Nephew. Zach Salvatore was his Distant Paternal Half-Nephew. Tom Avery was his Descendant. Sarah Salvatore was his Distant Paternal Niece. Miranda Sommers-Gilbert was his Adoptive Mother-In-Law. Grayson Gilbert was his. Adoptive Father-In-Law. John Gilbert was his Father-In-Law and Isobel Flemming was his Mother-In-Law. Jeremy Gilbert was his Brother-In-Law and Elena Gilbert was his Wife. 

Sires of Damon Salvatore 

The sires are for a vampire if a human turns into a vampire with the help of their blood. The sire bond will be between the newly turned vampire and the vampire that created them. Damon’s sires are Charlotte, Isobel Flemming, Vicki Donovan, Caroline Forbes, Bill Forbes, Abby Bennett Wilson and Elena Gilbert. 


Damon Salvatore was an interesting character in The Vampire Diaries. He was anti-villain in the story. Many people love Damon for his attitude and humour. His first love was with Katherine Pierce. But Katherine cheated on Damon for her reasons. Later Damon fell in love with his brother’s lover Elena Gilbert. But Stefan and Elena broke up and at the end, Elena fell in love with Damon. Before Stefan died, he turned Damon into a human again. After that Damon married Elena.