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What is the Reason behind Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder break up?

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The most popular on-screen and past off-screen pair in The Vampire Diaries- Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, dated for three years from 2010-2013 that gives amazing couple goals to everyone. This pair found intimate and rumored when they both are co-stars on the teen fiction drama TVD, where their relationship went public with their romance. 

How did they meet and begin to date?

The Vampire Diaries series starts to film in 2010, where Ian plays the second lead as Damon Salvatore- Vampire and Nina the lead heroine as Elena, the plot is usually where Elena falls for Damon’s brother Stefan, also a vampire. Whereas after season 2 fans expecting and desiring to see Damon and Elena as the main leads when the plot takes place some changes by developing Elena and Damon romance. 

Before the TVD, Nina in an interview commented as she will never-ever date her co-stars, but according to God’s plan, she ends with her co-stars keeping her private and personal life separate. They both kept their love story in secret for one year after so many rumours surrounded and made it confirmed after they met each other in public together.

When did their love story start and how it went on? 

  • In 2010, their status slowly turned from friendship to romantic, where they were making more public appearances and showing Public display affection [PDA], their first encounter together in May 2010- attending a basketball game as sitting so close. Even in an interview Ian talking about their time together that brings about them happiness and greatness. Before confirming their relationship status, they both went on several vacations.
  • They both took their mothers to Paris as a one day vacation in the Saint Germain Des Pres just like a family get together in 2011 and attended every award show together- making them the most romantic couple. 
  • In 2012 the lovebirds went to Paris as a city of love and spent evenings holding hands together where Ian tweeted about his day with Nina, even on holidays, they purchased the same Christmas tree in Atlanta. They even think of marrying by meeting each other’s family members in France. 

How did this beautiful pair split up and move on?

All of the sudden, the most notorious pair ends up their love after three years in the relationship, Nina is the one who sorts out the issue as she wants to move on and focus on her career. In an event, the pair were called up as the best teen couple for TVD- where they talked about their love life and patch up comically as an ‘embarrassing moment’. 

After the 6th season in TVD, Nina quit her role and carried on her other projects whereas, on the other hand, Ian married Nikki after 6 months of dating her and knotted in 2015. Still, Nina and Ian’s friendship endured in Hollywood even after their break up.

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