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What Is the Cheapest Way to Make Cards?

Cards are a great way to express yourself and send the perfect message to someone. Greeting cards are expensive, and the same old cliché phrases are occasionally used. You might wish to include a personal message and make your card as cheap as possible. Today, we will discuss the cheapest ways to make cards for any occasion. From starting with an online free card maker to using the available materials, we’ll help you design and create your custom card at the lowest prices.

#1- Use Recycled Materials

One of the cheapest ways to make greeting cards is to utilize recycled and used materials. This strategy also boosts your creativity, allowing you to produce stunning and one-of-a-kind creations. You can make fresh cards from old materials such as paper, newspapers, magazines, and even old greeting cards. Instead of getting expensive cards, you can use magazines to cut out pictures, designs, or texts and glue them on the chart you use to create your card. This approach is not only cheap but also results in a one-of-a-kind card that the receiver will appreciate since they know how much effort it requires.

#2- Create Your Own Designs

Another cost-effective method to make cards is to print your own designs. You can use free online tools to make your own designs. They are easy to use, and you would need no graphic design knowledge to create one. There are also free templates available to choose from. Once the design is picked/created, you can save it and print it on cardboard or paper. And your own designed personalized card is ready. This method is great for people who have printers available in their homes and want to add a touch of personalization. With this, you can also include any special message or pictures.

#3- Hand Write Your Message

You will save money by handwriting your message instead of purchasing a printed card. Printed cards are often more costly, so get a blank card and put your message on it. Sometimes you want to compose your message since it adds a personal touch and allows you to express yourself precisely as you want. The recipient will also appreciate this gesture since handmade cards are far more likely to be read with interest.

#4- Use Basic Materials

You do not need to buy extravagant cards or use expensive materials like stickers and jewels to make your card look the best. You can start by using simple paper instead of cardboard or chart paper. Plain paper is cheap and is equally good for writing and drawing. You can select a colored paper for a better design. By using simple materials like pens, markers, highlighters, and colored pencils, you can create relatively inexpensive cards. To create designs, you can use stamps or stencils. Also, try to use basic envelopes in place of custom-made ones, which can be purchased at a much lower price than custom-made envelopes.

#5- Simplify Your Design

Do not over-complicate things, keep your card simple and elegant. Minimalistic designs can be very effective, and you should leave white space in your card to make it look more spacious and clean.

Before beginning, you must have a clear idea of the relevant elements and pictures on your card. Also, use a simple font, or just use your handwriting. Avoid opting for an overly-decorative font, which may be difficult to read. Instead of cluttering your card with multiple elements, stickers, and stamps, just go with a simple theme, as it will also look good and save you money!

#6- Buy in Bulk

Buying card supplies in bulk can also reduce the price greatly. When you buy supplies in bulk, you’ll get discounts for larger orders and save on shipping prices. This is because you may order all your supplies at once rather than making many smaller purchases over time. Purchasing in bulk might also help ensure that you have the products you need when you want them. This may help you avoid costly and time-consuming last-minute visits to the shop.


Cards are an excellent way to convey your message to your loved ones. However, there is no need to spend a lot on them. You can create customized, unique cards at a much lower price. By following the above steps, you can save money and ensure that you are creating the ideal card.



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