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What is Sheila E’s Net Worth? Get a Peek into the Life of the Infamous Drummer

Sheila E

Sheila Cecilia Escovedo, known more popularly by her stage name Sheila E. is an American drummer, singer, author, and actress. She kick-started her career with her solo album ‘The Glamorous Life’. Some of her signature songs are Sister Fate, The Bells of St.Mark, and A Love Bizarre.

Sheila E. Net Worth

The singer has gained a huge fan following through her music. She is called the Queen of Percussion for a reason. Over the years she has amassed a hefty fortune. Her net worth as of October 2020 is roughly $15 million.

Read the short biography we have prepared to get a better perspective of her life.

Early Life

Sheila Cecilia Escovedo was born on December 12, 1985, in California, USA. Her father Pete Escovedo was a percussionist and her mother Juanita Gardere was a factory worker in a dairy company.

Sheila is of mixed ethnicity – African from her mother’s side and Mexican from her Father’s.

Sheila used to accompany her father when he played at local events and sometimes even used to assist him as a percussionist. Together, the two became quite popular locally.

Sheila used to study at Oakland High School.


The first breakthrough in Sheila’s career came when she released her debut recording Yesterday Dreams in association with Alphonso Johnson.

Later in her career, Sheila has collaborated with artists like Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, Prince, Sy Smith, The E. Family, and various other notable artists.

She has even duetted with George Duke in his album, in songs such as Follow the Rainbow, A Brazilian Love Affair, Don’t Let Go, and Master of the Game.

In 1983, Sheila went on an international tour, the Midnight Love Tour as a percussionist in association with Marvin Gaye.

She launched her debut album The Glamorous Life the following year, which landed the number 7 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Her single The Bells of St.Mark followed soon after.


After tons of positive feedback from fans, Sheila went on to release her second album Romance 1600 in 1985. The album, which contained the single Sister Fate, held 36 spots consecutively in R&B charts.

Apart from singing, Sheila has also worked as an actor in several movies such as The Adventure of the Ford Fairlane, Sign ‘’O’’ the Times, and Chasing Papi.

In 2002, she was featured in world-famous singer Beyonce’s album Work it Out.

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