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What is Jake Paul currently doing? How much is his net worth so far?

Jake Paul

You must have seen Jake Paul on YouTube, or movies or shows. Certainly, Jake Paul has spread his hands in various fields. Certainly, he must have earned quite a fortune with his work. So today, let’s dig into how much has Jake Paul earned till now. Let’s get started!

Who is Jake Paul?

If you don’t who Jake Paul is, you must be living under some rock. Paul is a popular YouTuber, internet personality, actor and a professional boxer too. Jake Paul’s YouTube channel has more than 20 million subscribers.

Jake Paul
Source: AP News

Jake Paul was born on 17 January, 1997, in Cleveland and grew up in Ohio. Moreover, his elder brother too is a popular YouTuber, actor and a boxer Logan Paul. In addition, Paul has English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, German and Jewish ancestry. Other than that, Paul is currently dating American model Julia Rose.

Jake Paul and YouTube

Jake Paul began uploading his videos for the first time in 2014. By 2017, Jake Paul grew to fame and launched an entertainment collaborative “Team 10”. He also released a single titled “It’s Everyday Bro”. In 2019, Paul released “I’m Single” and “These Days”. Moreover, Jake Paul was reported to have formed a new group after disbanding of Team 10.

Apparently, Jake Paul started his YouTube channel with daily vlogs but now, his focus has shifted to music. This year, Paul released a new single “Fresh Outta London” and “23”. Recently in October, Jake Paul brought “Dummy” ft TVGucci. Certainly, Jake Paul had won Teen Choice Award for his work.

Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

Jake Paul, and his brother Logan Paul, both are professional boxers. In 2018, Paul was announced to be fighting Deji in white collar boxing matches. Subsequently, Paul won the fight via fifth round technical knockout. Later, in December 2019, Paul made his professional boxing debut and fought against AnEsonGib, a fellow YouTuber. Again, Paul won the fight via technical knockout.

jake paul
Source: The Independent

In 2020, Jake Paul was announced to be venturing into the ring facing Nate Robinson, as a part of under-card for Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jone Jr. exhibition match. Paul yet again won the fight via knockout in the second round.

Jake Paul’s Acting Career

Jake Paul has been a renowned actor besides being a YouTuber. In 2016, Paul was featured in the Film “Dance Camp”. He also appeared in “Mono” for a cameo role. The major role played by Jake Paul was himself in Airplane Mode, a parody movie.

Source: Superfame

However, Paul has also shined in Television shows. The show that raised Jake Paul to fame was Disney’s “Bizaardvark”. Certainly, Jake played one of the main roles, Dirk Mann in the first and second season. In addition, he made special guest appearances in shows like “Walk the Prank” and “The Price is Right”.

Also, Jake Paul was featured in a docu-series about himself. It was made by YouTuber Shane Dawson.

Jake Paul’s Net Worth

With his wide range of careers in Television, Internet, and Boxing, Jake Paul is reported to have a net worth exceeding $19 million in 2020. It’s been a few years for Jake in the industry. Certainly, there’s a long way for him to go.

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