What is Hubdoc? Why Hubdoc? And why are we so excited to be a part of their prestigious list?

what is hubdoc

Hubdoc transactions are automatically matched to the corresponding transaction in the Xero bank feed, ready for one-click reconciliation. Hubdoc automatically creates folders for Automated Accounts and Manual what is hubdoc Accounts . Fetched bills/statements or receipts and manually uploaded documents appear in a tab called “Review.” This is your work queue of expenses or bills/statements ready to be reviewed and posted.

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  • The top three of Hubdoc’s competitors in the Document Management category are G Suite with 67.63%, Google Drive with 6.80%, Microsoft Office 365 with 6.45% market share.
  • You don’t have to chase documents at the end of the month, quarter, or year.
  • Hubdoc has been explicitly designed to make creating invoices as simple as possible.
  • You can easily access all of your documents from anywhere at any time.
  • Some firms are using Hubdoc to fetch documents, and then forward them to Bill.com, Box, Sharefile, SmartVault, etc.
  • But from what we have seen, it looks like most users don’t have any significant problems with this app, although a few pointed out that the app gets “frozen” sometimes.

Spend less time chasing financial documents and more time running your business. QuickBooks Online is the most popular accounting software in the world. Customers find on average $3,534 in tax savings per year. Snap photos of your receipts and link them to expenses right from your phone. Take a photo of your receipt, invoice or bill with the Hubdoc app. Hubdoc then scans, extracts, and stores your documents, ready for publishing.

What is Hubdoc? Why Hubdoc? And why are we so excited to be a part of their prestigious list?

If you would like to know more about the security of your information in the cloud you can read my blog post here. For extra assurance you can download documents from Hubdoc and store them in another location. Hubdoc is able to read your receipts, bills, and data, and publish them in QuickBooks or Xero. Hubdoc is able to read your receipts, bills, and data, and publish them in QuickBooks or Xero! Adding new accounts requires a dummy email address, which is strange. More complex bills need quite a lot of manual input, especially with CIS and multicurrency.

Is Hubdoc owned by Xero?

Hubdoc is a Xero product and is subject to the Hubdoc terms of use, while use of Xero is subject to the Xero terms of use.

Like FileThis, once the client accepts their invitation and creates a User ID and Password, they can start adding bank and major vendor accounts to their Hubdoc portal. They select https://www.bookstime.com/ the names of their financial institution or vendors (Comcast, Verizon, etc.), enter their credentials, answer the challenge questions , and Hubdoc starts fetching their documents.

Hubdoc 101: The Basics from Your Hubdoc Reviews Experts

You can try Hubdoc for free, without providing a credit card, and the fee is $20 per month thereafter. Firms also get their own account for free, but I imagine you are expected to eventually sign up a client account as well. Once you login, you click on “My Hubdoc” to see your list of accounts, or add a new client account. It has a very simple layout that is pretty easy to learn. You can start moving your documents to Hubdoc almost instantly and you will surely figure out how to use it in no time. Thus, getting set up and getting rid of your paper documents may take less time than expected.

what is hubdoc

It also seems to me that Hubdoc is less smart at remembering which Vendor goes to which account; this is easier to configure in RB, and works better there. Next, as the bookkeeper or accountant, you configure the client’s Hubdoc account to sync with their accounting software. In terms of user access, a lot of software packages offer the ability to restrict the role of other users. A normal piece of accounting software, for example, can have the account administrator assign accounts payable access to only one person and assign payroll-only access to the other. One of the cloud solutions we use for ourselves and recommend to our clients is Hubdoc. It’s a secure way to digitalize your documents and be able to upload them into different softwares, including QuickBooks. This review outlines the advantages vs. the disadvantages of Hubdoc to its competitors.