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What is going on between Jaime King and his husband? Divorce and Custody Battle!

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The infamous American actress and model Jaime King is nowadays struggling in her personal life. After 13 years of marriage, Jaime decided to separate from their husband Kyle Newman.

However, the series of events took a new turn when it came to the custody of their kids. Certainly, both the parents wants sole custody of their two sons. However, if you aren’t aware of what we are talking about, keep reading to know more!

Who is Jaime King?

As mentioned above Jaime King is a popular and successful actor-model. Jamie has been in the industry since the age of 14. As a model, she has appeared in Vogue, Mademoiselle and Harper’s Bazaar, and other such magazines. On the other hand, Jaime has appeared in films like “Sin City”, “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, ‘Pearl Harbor”, , “Bulletproof Monk”, ‘Star Wars” etc.

Jamie King in Pearl Harbor
Jamie King in Pearl Harbor
Source: Fanpop

King was born in Nebraska, to a former beauty queen Nancy King. Soon after the beginning of her career, Jaime got herself into drugs. As a result, she went to a rehab center for her addiction at the age of 19. Nonetheless, Jaime King has been a big name in the entertainment industry.

Jaime King and Kyle Newman

Kyle Newman is a film-maker and the best selling author. He is famously known for films such as “Fanboys” and “Barely Lethal”. Newman has also worked with famous singers such as Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, on their music videos.

Jaime King and Kyle Newman met for the first time because of their professions. Certainly, Jaime was a part of Newman’s ‘Fanboys’. Since then, they started dating in 2005 and moved in together within three months.

 kyle newman Jamie King \wedding
Source: InStyle

Then, two years later, Kyle Newman proposed Jaime in 2007 and the two got married in an intimate ceremony. Subsequently, the couple announced their first pregnancy in 2013 and gave birth to a boy. After a long battle with an ovarian cyst, infertility, and several miscarriages, Jaime and Kyle had their second son in 2015.

Jamie and Kyle’s divorce

After a long marriage, Jaime King filed a divorce in May 2020. She also filed a domestic violence prevention petition against Newman. As a result, Jamie was granted a temporary restraining order against Kyle Newman. As of now, the couple has separated but they have a new challenge now.

Jamie King
Jamie King went out without her wedding ring

According to the recent updates, Jamie and Kyle are now battling for the sole custody of their sons. The older son, James Knight, is 7 years old, and the younger son, Leo Thomas, is 5. Certainly, the documents say that Kyle filed for the sole custody of the kids. He has also requested for Jaime to be allowed supervised visitation on alternating weekends and one night a week.

Source: Techno Info Plus

Moreover, Jaime opposed Kyle’s request to take the kids with him to Ontario. She requested to keep the kids in care of their godfather until her return. After a long on and off custody battle, they are still on the same spot. Kyle even alleged that Jamie has prevented Kyle from speaking to the kids. At the end, Kyle said in the filing, “I have no interest in hurting Jaime’s career or making her ‘unemployable’… Since Jaime was the breadwinner of our family for much of our marriage, I rely on Jaime for support.”

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