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What is Denzel Washington’s net worth in 2020?

Denzel Washington is a well known American actor, who is known worldwide award-winning characters in the movies. Besides being an actor, he is also a known producer and director.

What is Denzel Washington’s net worth?

Washington is in the film industry for nearly four decades now. In the present year, Denzel Washington’s net worth is estimated to gross to $220 million.

Early Life

Denzel Washington was born on December 28, 1984, in Mount Vernon, New York. His mother, a single parent had struggled to educate him. She had enrolled him in the Oakland Military Academy in his early years.

Denzel Washington then went ahead to join Fordham University for B.A degree in Drama and Journalism. He completed his graduation in 1977. It was during his graduation years that he had discovered his passion for acting. He had joined the American Conservatory Theater for a year, after which he returned to New York.

Career of Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington had started with small acting jobs. In the year 1982, he made his first debut in the film ‘Carbon Copy’. This was followed by another movie in 1982 titled as ‘Licence to Kill’.

Denzel Washington was awarded his first Academy Award in 1989 for Best Supporting Actor. This was for his role as Private Trip in the movie ‘Glory’.

Till date, Denzel Washington has acted in over 50 movies. He has also directed and produced a few of them.

Denzel has also earned 3 Golden Globe awards, 1 Tony Award and 2 Academy Awards (Oscars). He also won an award for Best Actor for Training Day.

Denzel Washington is the second African to win an Academy Award. He currently holds the record for an actor of African descent winning six Academy Awards.

Personal Life of Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington had married the actress Pauletta Pearson in 1983. The couple shares four children, of which their oldest, John David pursued a career in professional football. But later he switched to acting following his father.

Washington had met his wife while on the sets of his first acting project Wilma.

Denzel Washington is a well-acclaimed actor who continues to build his legacy with his acting and film projects. Not only the premiere Black actor of his generation, but Denzel Washington is also simply one of the best actors of this era.


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