What happened to Amie Harwick, Drew Carey’s ex-wife?

Drew Carey made the remark that he would never be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day again, despite the fact that his ex-fiancée had passed away two years prior to when he made the statement. The following events are what transpired with her after that.

After the passing of his ex-fiancée more than two years after they broke up as an engaged couple, Drew Carey claimed that he would never be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day again. The passing of his ex-fiancée occurred more than two years after their engagement ended. On February 15, 2020, it was discovered that Amie Harwick, a notable family therapist, had died underneath the balcony of her apartment. Her body was found there. The passing of Drew Carey’s ex-girlfriend Amie Harwick had a significant negative impact on his mental health, and he said that he needed a week off after learning of her demise.

During a recent interview with ET Canada, Drew Carey confessed that he did not have a reservation for himself at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day supper. In addition to this, he referred to Harwick as “very intelligent” and made it clear that he did not think about her on a daily basis. He detailed how Harwick felt compassion for others who had been wounded by their wives and expressed a desire to help such people. He added that Harwick’s desire was to assist people who had been hurt by their relationships in some way.

What is the precise issue that Amie Harwick is dealing with?

Amie Harwick, a licensed marital and family therapist in the United States, was discovered unconscious on February 15, 2020, only a few hours after celebrating Valentine’s Day with the people she cared about most in the world. Her body was discovered around 20 feet below the bedroom balcony of the condominium she lived in in the Hollywood Hills. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Amie’s neighbors claimed that they heard a woman screaming in the vicinity. When the authorities arrived at the scene of the incident, they questioned Amie’s roommate who was there at the time. Harwick was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive his stay there and passed away shortly after.

During the autopsy, it was discovered that both her chest and head displayed signs that they had been struck by something. In addition, there were signs that the victim had been strangled manually, which suggests that the aggressor choked the victim with his or her hands and possibly other portions of the body as well. She was fatally injured when she fell off the balcony of her flat on the third floor and hit her head. She did not survive.

Gareth Pursehouse, who had dated Harwick in the past, was dragged into arrest on suspicion of murder shortly after the crime was committed. However, despite paying a $2 million bond, he was fired almost immediately after doing so. Following that, he was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing someone during a home invasion. The circumstances surrounding the purported death are unclear. In addition to that, it was alleged that he lied under oath about something. Despite the fact that he was facing the possibility of being put to death at the time, Pursehouse entered a not guilty plea in April of 2020.

2017 marked the year that Drew Carey and Amie Harwick had their first joint appearance in public, which took place in Las Vegas. They started a romantic relationship, and then, after a few months had passed, in January of 2018, they made the announcement that they were going to get married. On multiple instances, Carey considered Harwick as a potential ally who could be of use to him. Despite this, they made the decision to call off their engagement sometime in November of 2018.