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What happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths: part five: Tap to Know

Crisis On Infinite Earths: part five, a special episode for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season five. The story was written by Keto Shimizu, Ubah Mohamed, and has directed by Gregory Smith. This episode was aired on 14 January 2020 and it is the sixty-eighth episode in Crisis on Infinite Earths. This episode was supposed to be produced as an episode of season five but later it was released as a special episode before the release of season five episodes. And this episode is the final part of the five-part crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. If you are one of those fans and wanted to know what happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths part five then, we have updated the cast and storyline of Crisis on Infinite Earths part five. Read the further cords to about the plot and the cast.

Who all starred in Crisis on Infinite Earths:  part five?

The main lead of Crisis on Infinite Earths part five was Brandon Routh as Dr. Ray Palmer, the superman. Caity Lotz as the captain Sara Lance, white Canary. Jes Macallan played as Ava Sharpe. LaMonica Garrett as the anti monitor, Mobius. Nick Zano played the role of Nate Heywood. Dominic Purcell as the heatwave, Mick Rory. Along with them Maisie Richardson, Tala Ashe, Courtney Ford, Olivan Swann, and Amy Louise Pemberton are also a part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths part five.

What happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths part five?

The supergirl wakes up in the National city apartment. Alex was not able to recall anything that happened during the crisis. Nia tells kara to cover the incident before Andrea knows. Later at the Waterford kara faces against Joss Mardon, a metahuman. Barry helps her to get down the metahuman. And they found that both barry and kara both are on the same earth. Martin later with Jonn’s strength manages to erase the memory about the crisis from the others. And make Harrison remember that he was the one who released the anti monitor. Sara found it to accept that Oliver was gone.

Later a fight takes place between the heroes and the anti-monitor. With Ray’s device, the heroes manage to shrink the anti monitor. And after defeating the anti monitor, the president honors Oliver with a moment of silence. Later they build an off-book building by the star labs and heroes take their respective place.

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