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What does SU, BTW and TBH mean in a slang language? 

Snapchat provides many incredible features to users. It is one of the safest apps. Many people use Snapchat for the messaging purpose to their close ones. The users use many slang terms while sending a snap. This helps them to convey the message rapidly with few lines. These slangs are loved by snap users. Snapchat was the first app that provided the users to upload status that disappears from 24 hours. These slangs help the users and the readers to read the message before the viewing time passes. There are many slangs, like SU, BTW and TBH. These are the most commonly used abbreviations in the social media app. 

What does SU mean? 

SU has two abbreviations in a slang language, the first one is Swipe Up and the other one Shut Up. Both of the abbreviations are valid and are mostly used while texting in the social media app. 

  • Swipe up: It is commonly used in messaging, dating and social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Tinder. This SU is an action that is mostly while uploading a story or status. It is used by the user so that it allows the viewer to quickly access content or functions that the user updated. 
  • Shut up: It is a mostly used exclamation like OMG. It is a candid way of telling the opposite person to stop talking or texting. 

What does BTW mean?

The full form of BTW in slang language is By The Way. This short form is usually used by the person who tries to confront a message with the opposite person. Or a this is also used by the person who tries to bring up a new topic to chat or ask. 

What does TBH mean?

The full form of TBH in slang language is To Be Honest. TBH is a trending acronym and it is often used in a social media app. It is generally used by a person who tries to tell that he is telling the truth to the opposite person. A common way of expressing that the person is speaking the truth in a social media app. 


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