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What are the steps to End Portal in Minecraft? 

In the game Minecraft, an End portal is the way to reach the End biome and the only way to find the ender dragon. To Get to the end portal you have to create the frame yourself or you have to find an already assembled stronghold. This is a different pattern to enter the end biome in Minecraft. For ending the portal you need two materials. 

Steps to end portal in Minecraft

To end the portal in Minecraft you will need material. That is

  • 12 Eyes of Ender
  • 12 end portal frames

To reach the End biome you should create your own End Portal using the above two materials. It is one of the easiest methods. You have to place the portal frames in a circle around you to build the End Portal while standing in one spot. It is very important to ensure that the Ender Eyes are facing the right direction to enable the portal.


Using the 12 end portal frames you need to do create the frame for the End Portal. Then you have to add three end portal frames to build one side of the portal and after completing you have to turn to the right side to add three additional end portal frames for the other side of the portal. The green tab end portal frames should be facing the inside portion of the portal. After that, you should turn to the right for adding another three end portal frames for the next side of the portal. Likewise, turn to your right and add the remaining three frames. 


After creating the frame your next step is to complete the End Portal. For that, you need to add the 12 Eyes of Ender. By standing in the middle of the portal you should add the Ender Eyes inside each of the end portal frame-blocks. You should step out before placing the last Eye of Ender because it will activate the End Portal and transport you to the End biome. Your End Portal will be activated after adding the last Eye of Ender. 

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