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What are the monsters in the film “A Quiet Place”?

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a 2018 American post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film. It was directed and starred by John Krasinski. It was written by Bryan Woods, Scott Beck and Krasinski. The story revolves around a father and a mother who strive to survive and raise their children in a post-apocalyptic world occupied by blind extraterrestrial monsters with a good sense of hearing.

What are the monsters in the film?

The Monsters are also known as Death Angels or The Angels of Death. They are the main enemies of the 2018 science fiction horror film A Quiet Place, and its upcoming 2021 sequel A Quiet Place: Part II. They are a species of super-evolved extraterrestrial predators that came on Earth on a number of meteors that landed on its surface and have since started to end almost all life on Earth.

They kill anything and everything that makes even the slightest noise, assisted by a sense of sharp hearing far beyond anything produced on the Earth. This, combined with their indestructible armor, allowed them to massacre most lives on the planet, including a considerable portion of humanity, which caused the end of society.

What do the monster look like?

The Monsters are like humanoid creatures whose entire bodies are covered by many plates of strong armor. They have dangerous sharp claws that are strong enough to cut through trucks and metal, and it is their main weapon for killing their prey. They are also fast and can travel miles in a minute, quickly moving towards their prey.

Due to their lack of eyes, the Monsters hunt by sound, and are completely blind. They can know the direction of sound with their sensitive plates on their faces. Using these, they can detect even the smallest sounds. The creatures also do not need to breathe, sleep, or even eat, and are able to survive in seemingly any climate. An ability that the Monsters also have is the ability to affect electricity.

Where did they come from?

The origins of the monsters are unknown, but they existed for nearly a millennia before an asteroid carried them to Earth. Afterward, the destructive asteroid crash-landed in Mexico with the power of a nuke, where they began spreading across the nation and eventually the entire world.

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