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What are the list superheroes that exist in the world, whether real or reel?

A superhero is a character that possesses an extraordinary ability. They use their powers against crime and to process society. Superhero fiction based on such characters,  like in American comic books since the 1930s as well as Japanese books.

Superheroes come from a wide range of different origins. Some superheroes get their power from advance technology like batman and iron man while others practice magic to achieve their abilities like Doctor strange and Zatanna.

Some superheroes use their powers to save the world and fight against bad persons while some are supervillains.

Famous Superheroes

The list of Superheroes that have captivated us over the years is almost endless, but we put most popular Superheroes together below:

Batman, Superman, Iron man, wolverine, Captain America,  The Hulk, Thor, The Flash, Green Lantern, wonder women, Strom, Jean Grey, scarlet witch.

Real-life Superheroes

A real-life Superhero is a person who performs community service. A real-life Superheroes community in the sense of an online subculture began to develop in the mid-2000s.

Animal superheroes

Animal superheroes characters are usually coming from another planet to earth. Many of these characters seen in comics and cartoons like Mighty Mouse and underdog. Ace the bat-hound from Krypto the super dog.

Child superheroes

Child superheroes is a fictional character who has the courage and have colourful clothes funny names. Here are some of our favourite child superheroes

Aang in Avatar: the last airbender, Antboy in antboy, Arone stone (Charlie landers) in Arone stone.

Heroes against COVID-19

Priya, India’s first comic superhero who is a gang rape survivor,  campaigns against acid attack,  rape and now fight against COVID-19.

Delhi based writer Subhra Prakash, who wrote the script of Priya’s masks and said that she incorporated her personal experience into the story.

The best superheroes movies you need to watch

There have been dozens of Superheroes movies but here are some of the best sparks.


2. Batman

3. Unbreakable

4. The Incredibles

5. Sky High

6. Iron man

7. The dark knight

8. Chronicle

9. The Avengers

10. Captain America

11. Deadpool

12. Wonder women

13. Black Panther

14. Into the spider-verse

15. Avengers: Endgame

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