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what are the features of call of duty warzone? and when is the new season release??

The battle field games never loses their standard .

they always have a certain base of fans who areinevitably playing the war and battle field

games. It such category the call of duty –warzone  of video games never gets down. This

game is a free to play battle royale video game released on march 10 , 2020 for playstation

4, xbox one, and microsoft windows. Warzone allows online multiplayer combat among 150

players. Although some limited game modes supports 200 players.The game has two main

modes the plunder and battle royale.

Features of call duty warzone:

Call Of Duty: Warzone takes place in a city called Verdansk, which includes several different

named sectors and zones, as well as hundreds of unique landmarks. Each match can also

support up to 150 players, which exceeds the size of similar titles such as Fortenite (100

players), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (100 players) and apex legends (60 players).

Moreover, death in Warzone does not equate to an automatic loss like other battle royales.

Instead, players are sent to a “Gulag” where they battle one-on-one with other fallen

players for a second chance to be respawned.

Besides the standard battle royale gameplay, Warzone also features a mode called Plunder

where players compete to gather the most cash by the end of the match. Abilities such as

Cash Deposit Helipads and bonus rounds are activated when teams reach a certain amount

in total cash.

The two modes also feature small missions called Contracts that squads can complete

during a match in order to gain rewards such as loot items, special abilities and cash. The

assignments range from hunting down an enemy player, scavenging for special supply

boxes and recon tasks akin to King of the Hill modes.

Latest seaon of call of duty-warzone:

On october 29 activision revealed that the upcoming call of duty warzone : black ops cold

war will begin in integration with the war zone in december will expand Warzone with new

weapons, characters and possibly locations.

When exactly the call of duty: black ops cold war will begin?

The season 1 of call of duty: black ops cold war exactly begins on december 10, and new

season launch will be around 2.00 am .

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