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What are the changes in the character of Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy is one of the famous franchise in Video Games. It comes in the big list such as Super Mario Bros, Dragon Quest and the Legend Of Zelda, which are known famously for their absolutely incredible stories. These stories have some characters mostly and the one that is most remembered is Tifa Lockhart.

She is beautiful, but also she cares for her friends. She is also a powerful fighter in her own way. Although some things about her stayed the same even after the remake, and some changes are hard to leave.

What are changes in Tifa character in the remake?

The character design of Tifa Lockhart 
has changed slightly since its initial appearance. 
While the changes themselves weren’t very dramatic, iwas enough for the older fans to take lot of notice of it. For one thing, some new changes to 
her wardrobe includes sports bra and leggings.
This is in contrast to its original style, which 
is much more barebone and to say the least, revealing. What’s more, the changes to the characters they 
introduced to the reboot were initially highly criticised. Thankfully, these issues have since been mitigated.

What are the same things in the remake of Tifa?

Tifa Lockhart’s main gameplay style is similar to that of the monk class in previous Final Fantasy games or the Dungeons & Dragons class. Except characters like Cloud Strife or Barret, the speciality of her is that she’s is strong enough to do more harm than anyone.

This is mostly Tifa Lockhart is a character of combo that has enough power to do a lot more damage with her fists per hit even than a sword.

Her love of cloud is the easier thing that has stayed the same. The connection between Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart is stronger than anything. While the characters themselves have only interacted for a certain amount of time, it is abundantly obvious that their interest in Cloud is very strong.

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