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What are the Best shows to Binge Watch and Enjoy?

We all love to watch Tv shows and enjoy them but now in the era of all of the OTT platforms and streaming networks we Binge watch the shows and there is this never-ending urge of watching something new, interesting and enjoyable every time we finish watching one and then there is a whole ocean of TV shows and movies out there and its always very frustrating and such a headache to choose what to watch. We always keep looking for some good suggestions and these suggestions are priceless indeed.

So no matter if you have been binge-watching your whole life or just started, there are some shows that are just perfect to watch as quickly as possible. If you are on a hunt for a new show here are some for you to dig into.

Breaking Bad

All the rush of emotions while watching Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece Breaking Bad can be termed as Emotional rush and it always keeps your nerves on the end. Widely considered as the best TV show ever made Breaking Bad is just the show to bing watch to and the whole journey and the payoff is well worth of your time. The long format storytelling Breaking Bad never fails to keep you on the hook. The story revolves around Walter White a high school chemistry teacher turned into drug kingpin played by Bryan Cranston and Jesse Pinkman, Mr Whits’s old student and associate with the purest heart played by Aaron Paul. Breaking bad is a perfectly crafted show, each season feeling like a tightly-contained unit of storytelling and a part of a bigger whole. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

The Boys

Amazon Prime video’s unique superhero series “The Boys” is just the good enough combination of prestige type program with serialized drama. Based on the comic “the Boys” takes us to a world with superheroes and them being celebrities. Most of those superheroes are high on power who do whatever they want without any consequences. The show is extremely violent and dark but still pretty good. It is also pretty thoughtful as it tackles themes like capitalism, fame, and even sexual misconduct so its quite fun. the show can be streamed on Amazon Prime Videos.

The Witcher

The show’s first season follows three stories destined to converge: Henry Cavill’s Witcher is a muscle-for-hire monster hunter who begins to question why so many princesses have been turning into creatures; Yennefer of Vengerberg played by Anya Chalotra is a powerful sorceress in training who struggles to keep her emotions in check, and princess Ciri played by Freya Allen is on the run after the sacking of her city, but harbours secrets of her own. Steeped in lore and world-building but always engaging, The Witcher is a perfect kind of binge-viewing show. The show is quite intriguing and keeps your mind at work alongside giving you chills with The Witcher’s powers and personality and Bard’s soulful singing and Yennefer’s prettiness and charms. The performances in the series are awesome and it is worth your time to binge. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

Some other mentions are:

  • Game of Thrones, Streamable on HBO Max
  • Peaky Blinders, Streamable on Netflix
  • True Detective, Streamable on HBO Max
  • Stranger Things, Streamable on Netflix
  • Westworld, Streamable on HBO Max

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