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Westworld season 4: Everything you need to know!

Westworld season 4: Westworld’s third season was possibly the most action-packed yet – and the fans of the science-fiction series are now starving for more, particularly considering a large number of questions the third run had posed.

Conventionally, the series has a fairly long break between seasons, and with the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s more likely than ever to be the case, but in the meantime, there are already plenty of viewers to look forward to and explore.

Read on for what we know so far about the fourth season.

Westworld season 4: Release date!

Yeah, that’s the million-dollar thing – no timeframe has been provided, and given the continuing destruction to film and TV caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s possible that we won’t be introduced to new episodes any time soon.

Even without a pandemic, there is usually a two-year delay between the new seasons of the program, but if everything goes to plan, it seems the earliest we would anticipate the new series to air sometime before the start of 2022.

As usual, whenever we have more specific updates, we’ll keep you updated with new developments.

Westworld, season 4: Plot!

The third season finished with a bang – murdering the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and replacing the Halores-controlled host – so the promise for season four is still fantastic.

Earlier this year, Jonathan Nolan, a showrunner, said he couldn’t wait to see the latest trends, saying, “I’m a great believer in being driven by irony. [The Man in Black] ends up being this [host] thing that has been in charge for so long. And on a visceral level, I just can’t wait to see Ed kill anyone.

Nolan also revealed that the next run would have a subtly different feel than the three that came before, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “We thought we had an open invitation to play around, particularly at this time when TV is continuously reinventing itself, to have a show that reinvents itself season after season.

“So the notion that next season will be distinctive and distinct from the previous seasons of the genre? This is completely part of the framework of the show.

Further than that, anyone’s wondering what could happen – for example, would Dolores make a comeback differently following her death in season three? Is Charlotte building an army? We’re all going to have to wait and see right now!

Westworld season 4: cast!

No official statement has been made yet, but we can confidently presume that most of the major names are coming back – including Harris, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jeffrey Wright.

We’d still hope to see Aaron Paul’s likes back for more, though any other faces may be added to the cast – we’ll let you know when we hear more specific.

Westworld season 4: Trailer!

Of course, with filming not yet started, we’re going to see a trailer for the next run at the moment. But to give you an estimated timeline when we would hope to see one, a preview for the third season (see below) was introduced at San Diego Comic-Con on 20 July 2019, about eight months before the latest season.

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