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Westworld Season 3: Everything to know about !


Westworld (subtitled The new world) is an American science fiction dystopian television series. The third season of it premiered in the month of March 2020. It went off air in May 2020 with a total number of eight episodes. The series premiered in the channel HBO. The westworld series is based on the movie with the same name that was released in 1973. The movie was written and also directed by Michael Crichton. The television series is made by Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy.

What is the series all about?

After a leap of three months after the second season, the third season takes place. In it Dolores has escaped the westworld with some processing cores. He then establishes a bond with Caleb. In this due time, he comes to know about lower-class and artificial beings get treated in the real world. The hosts of the season are out into the real world. They are all set to lead a revolution, stop an upcoming revolution and find every bit of truth.

Dolores took some pearls with her while leaving in season 2. They were just mere copies of Dolores. She also with her took some host bodies that were familiar. Dolores invaded Incite by placing Connells. And she replaced a copy of herself in the place of Charlotte Hale. She then finds out that Rehoboam (AI) is trying to get access to the future of people without their consent. She then made Caleb the leader for the revolution of humans. Maeve who initially hunted Dolores realised the truth. She got to know that Dolores really wanted to free all humans. She later helped Dolores by joining hands with Caleb. Dolores bought Bernard back and he then went to westworld. Everyone thought that it was Dolores who had the key. But the truth is, it was actually Bernard. Although, when he tried accessing them, his body became unsteady.

Who played the major characters?

  • Tommy Flanagan plays the role of Martin Connells / recurring Dolores Abernathy.

Reviews, ratings and more!

The third season of the westworld in the beginning gathered much positive reviews from critics. The reception of series became quite mixed up during the second half of it. Critics in reviews appreciated the performances. The change in visuals and tone received much praise. However it was criticized for the storyline, dialogue and the pace. The reviews also said that it lacked in the thematic depth. The depiction of the real world is not up to the mark. There is no presence of depth and vastness. The rating of westworld is roughly 3.5/5. It also seen that it lose 18% of its audience than that of season 2.


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