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Westworld: Has it been renewed for fourth season? What’s the plot?

Westworld is an American science-fiction dystopian web television drama created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Roy, and it is produced by HBO. The series is almost based on the movie of the same title released in the year 1973 directed by Michael Crichton. The story of Westworld is set in a fictional technological world; Wild West-themed amusement park full of android robots. The series progressed from the technological world to the real world of the 21st century in the third season where human beings’ lives are controlled by AI, namely, Reboam.

The first season of Westworld was released on 2 October 2016 and ended on 4 December 2016 comprising of ten episodes. The second season was renewed by HBO, and the broadcasting continued from 22 April to 24 June 2018. On 15 March 2020, Westworld released it’s third season comprising of 8 episodes and concluded on 8 May 2020. After a huge success of the third season, HBO renewed Westworld for its fourth instalment.

Plot of Westworld 4

The director of Westworld hasn’t revealed the plot of the fourth season. The fans are extremely eager what the new season will unravel in the tech-savvy world. The third season of Westworld concluded with Dolores ceasing the AI, Rehoboam and Serac with the help of Cable and Maeva. The most surprising end of the third season was the death of Man in Black. If you’ve been watching Westworld since the beginning, then it comes as no surprise that every season brings a twist and turn. As the world is free from AI now, it would be interesting to see where the story moves from here. Look out for the news or trailer of the fourth season.

Cast of Westworld 4

It is not known who is in the lead roles in the fourth instalment of Westworld. The sad news is that Rachel Wood’s Dolores is not a part of the fourth season as she couldn’t survive in the last season, but she wishes to be. The previous cast members will definitely reprise their roles, and we might also get to see some new faces in the new season.

Release Date of Westworld 4

As the world is now facing the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, the production and shooting have been halted for a while because of which there is no official news about the release date of the fourth season of Westworld. HBO hasn’t announced anything yet, but it is anticipated that the season four will release in mid-2022. As the situation of Covid-19 is getting under control, and productions have started with few precautions, so we might expect Westworld 4 to arrive by 2022 latest.



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