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Wentworth Miller’s struggle and career highlights till 2020

Wentworth Miller

We all know Wentworth Miller from the renowned Fox series Prison Break. The Golden Globe nominee has received great admiration for his role as Michael Schofield. However, he is not only a great actor but also a screenwriter and a producer. Miller has been recognized for his role in Prison Break, The Flash and Mariah Carey’s music videos.

He wrote the screenplay for ‘Stoker’ and its sequel ‘Stoker, Uncle Charlie’. Both the films were appreciated by the critics. Moreover, he is a firm supporter of LGBTQ rights. He has been open about his struggle in society for being a homosexual. Earlier, he used to deny being gay, but later he publicly came out of the closet. Wentworth Miller has been a strong person throughout his life. You and I can hardly imagine what all he had to go through. Anyways, let’s look into Wentworth Miller’s achievements till now.

Early Life of Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller was born in Oxfordshire, England. He and his parents are American. However, Miller has English as well as American citizenship. Both his parents are of multiple ancestries. When Wentworth was a year old, his family shifted to Brooklyn where he attended Midwood High School. Subsequently, he graduated from Princeton University in 1995. Miller has been into entertainment since his college days. During his time in Princeton, he participated in an all-male a cappella group “Princeton Tigertone”. However, to try his hands in acting, he relocated to Los Angeles in 1995.

Wentworth Miller
Source: Childhood Biography

Currently, Miller lives in Vancouver. He came out as gay in 2013, through a letter he wrote to GLAAD’s website, to decline the invitation to Saint Petersburg International Film Festival. He said he didn’t want to attend a celebratory function in a country that troubles the LGBT community. After that, he became open about his struggle with depression and attempting suicide a few times.

Career Highlights of Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller’s acting career hasn’t been a cakewalk. The initial years have been struggling for Miller. He has faced failure multiple times before his debut in television.

Wentworth appeared on television for first time in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as Gage Petronzi. His first starrer show was ‘Dinotopia’. Meanwhile, Miller also featured in ‘The Human Stain’, alongside Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins.

Finally, he got is fame for Prison Break as Michael Scofield. In fact, he was nominated for 2005 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series. The show, however, ended after seasons in 2009, but it was renewed for season 5 in 2017 and Miller again took over the screen. In addition, the good news for Prison Break fans is that the show has been renewed for season 6.

Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller in Prison Break
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Moving on, Wentworth Miller also appeared in two music videos of Marian Carey- “Its like that” and “We belong together”. The music videos were directed by the director of Prison Break. As mentioned above, Miller has done a few guest roles in Law & Order and Resident Evil. However, seems like Miller didn’t want to restrain himself to acting hence he tried his hand in writing as well. He wrote the story for the movie Stroke and its sequel, which were received well by people and critics.  In 2014, Miller joined the cast of The Flash as Captain Cold. He also has been seen in Legends of Tomorrow.

Wentworth Miller has come a long way. Sources say Miller might write the screenplay adaptation of the novel ‘The Story of Edgar Sawtelle’ by David Wroblewski.


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