Janina Stronski was born Janina Stronski in Bethlehem, under British rule of Palestine. In 1981, she identified herself as a native of Italy on "Match Game."

The Jenny Jones Talk Show is one of the most recognized shows all over. This Canadian American talk show was hosted by Jenny Jones from 1991 to 2003.

Same Sex Secret Crushes”had Scott Amedure and Jonathan Schmitz and guests of the show. The main topic of this episode was gay liking. During the conversation, Scott Amedure confessed his true gay feeling for Schmitz.

But three days later of that shoot, Schmitz out of nowhere killed Scott Amedure for confessing his love publicly.

He officially announced that he killed Scott because of the reason that he confessed his love for him which eventually made Schmitz embarrassed. No investigation was needed as Schmitz himself went to the police station to accept his action.