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Wayne’s World Car: How much did the AMC Pacer get sold for?

Wayne's World Car aka MirthMobile

We all remember the scene from Wayne’s world where Garth, Wayne and his friends sing to the Bohemian Rapsody while riding in an AMC Pacer. The car was used in the show for a long time. It was also a scene that bought the Bohemian Rapsody to the top charts. Unfortunately, a few months before that the legendary Freddy Mercury said goodbye to the world. However, Wayne’s World Car is still a prominent automobile piece and many are interested in owning it. The model was produced by American Motors Corporation from the year 1975-1980. The car gained its popularity from the particular scene in Wayne’s World and also appeared in Pawn Stars. The Wayne’s World car was painted in baby blue with flames on each side and wheels that didn’t match it. Garth and Wayne called it the MoirthMobile.


The AMC Pacer entered the industry in 1975. It was an alternative to the huge or underpowered automobile. The car was small in size but was wide enough for five people to sit. It was known as the “The first wide small car”. The car was painted baby blue with flames on both sides for the movie. Moreover, the car seemed to have automatic transmission too. We do not see Wayne or Garth change gears. It also has a 4.2-liter I6 motor. However, along with this, other modifications were made for the movie. One of them being the licorice dispenser from the roof of the car. There were also speakers fitted in the rear passenger seat and the dash was also converted to a cup dispenser.

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How much was the Wayne’s World Car sold for?

The car was initially sold after appearing in Wayne’s World. It was sold from Volo museum and later appeared in Pawn Stars and Rick Harrison was interested in the Wayne’s World Car. He bought the car for $9,500. The AMC Pacer had to be fixed and restored as it was not in working condition. The car was painted again and also had a stereo fixed to it with the other props from the movie still in it. In the Brett-Jackson auction in 2016, the car was sold for $37,400.

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