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Watchout for three new iPhone models this fall in gold, new grey, and other colors

Watchout for three new iPhone models this fall in gold, new grey, and other colors

2018 is a great year for Apple users and enthusiasts as the premium manufacturer is expected to launch as much as three new iPhone models later this year. Usually, newer models of iPhones are launched somewhere around September but that’s not all in the news. According to a reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who teased few exciting details about the upcoming iPhone models, Apple will introduce new colors too.

To elaborate further, Apple is speculated to launch a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone in white, black, and a new gold color variant that will be different from the golden and rose gold finish available already. The premium brand will also launch a 6.1-inch LED iPhone in red, blue, white, grey, and orange color variants which is an unusual step for the company citing its 2013 launched iPhone 5C lineup that was available in chic blue, green, pink, white, and yellow color variants was not appreciated much.

After all the new iPhone models are launched, Apple will release its RED products which are an organization that combats AIDS and HIV in Africa. Under the RED products, all the latest Apple iPhones will be released in a stunning and alluring red color variant with stunning looks. It will be Apple’s first attempt to launch its iconic iPhones in orange variant as it wasn’t even available with iPhone 5C lineup released a few years ago.

According to the rumors, iPhone X Plus will host a 6.5-inch OLED display and will be the first iPhone to sport dual-SIM support. Another model to be launched is expected to be a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone with slim bezels and Face ID which is expected to be sold at a lower price tag with a prediction of hike in sales and it is expected to account for 55% of the total sales through 2019. To put things into perspective, Apple will see a significant hike in sales of over 70 million iPhones sold in the fourth quarter this year which is a colossal feat.

Apart from the models discussed above, Apple is expected to refresh its lineup of 5.8-inch iPhone X launched last year in October. The refreshed iPhone X will furnish specification improvements and add-on features. As said, at least three iPhone models are expected to release this fall. Thus, people will have to wait until there is an official announcement by Apple, until then, they can check out all the rumors and specifications that have been groping the new iPhone models for a few weeks now.

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