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Want to tame a Fox in Minecraft. This is how to do it!


A real wild fox might scare you, but you can have a cute one on Minecraft. Certainly, Foxes in Minecraft are known to be incredibly cute. So if you want a cute furry friend, continue reading to know how to tame a Fox.

Where to find a Fox in Minecraft?

As cute as they are, Foxes are actually a little harder to find than other Minecraft species. Hence, the experts say that you need to search Taiga biomes to locate a furry fox. Apparently, there are the colder forests that are located on the surface. One of them is giant tree Taigas and that is where Foxes spawn. Moreover, Foxes are found to spawn in these areas in groups of twos or four. Also, there is a 5 percent chance of spawning as baby foxes.

white fox
Source: Twitter

However, Red foxes are found in the normal Taigas and if you want a white one, you’ll need to look around within the snowy ones. Therefore, you’ll need to keep in mind where to look if you are after a specific kind of fox.

How to tame a Fox in Minecraft?

Apparently, you cannot just chase or catch a fox to get one. In Minecraft, you need to make a new one. In other words, you will need to get the foxes or convince them to breed. Don’t worry, it isn’t as hard as it may sound.


To get the foxes to breed, all you need to do is feed them a sweet berry. To be precise, give a sweet berry to one fox, and give another one to the fox with whom you want it to mate. Subsequently, wait for the two chosen foxes to breed. As a result, the newly hatched fox is going to be loyal to you.

However, the process comes with an issue. Apparently, the fox will wish to go behind other foxes. Hence, you will need to get your fox away from other foxes. Moreover, the experts say that the best way to do that is to attach a lead to it. Then, walk away from the fauna and your fox will only look for you.

Things to remember before you to tame a Fox

  • After taking the fox under your shield, make sure to look out and take care of it.
  • Also, if you choose a white fox and a red fox to mate, the baby fox has a 50 percent chance of being either red or white.
foxes in minecraft
Source: HITC
  • During the nights, foxes sometimes go to villages and feed on chickens.
  • When you try to approach a fox, be patient. If you approach too quickly, it will run away as foxes are shy animals.
  • Also, you must bring a good stock of sweet berries. Otherwise, you might run out of them before you succeed to tame your fox.

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