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Walter Dog: Did Walter the dog die due to gunshot wounds?

Walter the Dog

You might be familiar with Walter the dog, also known as Pana Walter from the memes that are trending on social media platforms. While the dog is famously known as Walter, the pup’s actual name is Nelson. A bull terrier, Walter reached its fame in the memes with its closeup image that went viral in 2018.

People were acquainted for the first time with the terrier’s face in 2018, which was uploaded by its owner. The photo of the dog was captioned with, “When u open the front-facing camera on accident”.

Is Walter the dog dead?

The news of Walter’s death is rumored on social media. But this is just a hoax. Walter is very much alive and is in perfect health condition. The rumors which were widespread about his death were put down by his owner.

The rumor was ignited when the website CelebritiesDeaths.com released a picture of the bull terrier on the ground reeling from a gunshot wound. The article claimed that it is the beloved dog, Walter which created the confusion. Post this, the Instagrammers and Twitterati were sharing their condolences on the death of their beloved dog, Pana Walter.

When the owner of Walter came across this news, she quickly put an end to this rumor by stating that Walter aka Nelson is alive. The owner shared a photo of Nelson on social media platforms.

Whose pictures is it then, that was spread as Walter the dog?

Walter is alive but the dead dog in the pictures is that of Billy. Billy the dog was shot at an armed robbery in Philadelphia while he was trying to protect its owner. And, the good news is Billy is not dead. Billy is on his way to a speedy recovery after he suffered a gunshot wound. Billy was shot on January 14, 2020, in West Philadelphia, at the intersection of 48th and Osage streets. Billy was being walked by his 25-year-old owner when two armed men approached him. The robbers stole a phone and they shot the dog. Billy was immediately rushed to Penn Vet, and he has survived this fatal injury.

So, you can out down the false news to rest as Walter aka Nelson is not dead.


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