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Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Cast, Trailer, plot and Everything You Need To Know – Details Here!!

Venom – an American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics characters, presented by Columbia Pictures in partnership with Tencent Pictures and Marvel. Let’s get down!!


Showmakers are looking forward to a set of movies slated to strike-off in the coming months, including the October launch of Venom. This comic novel contest will turn as reporter Eddie Brock with Symbiote Venom and Tom Hardy in the 2018 sequel, we will get to see that, Michelle Williams seeing Brock and She-Venom’s previous love interest return as Anne herself.

Venom part 2 is scheduled to release on 2nd October 2020.


The film would possibly feature the same cast and moreover, new appearances will add up. But as of now, we have covered these characters. Take a look of some of the cast and their role plays below –

Tom Hardy portraying as Eddie Brock/Venom.
Woody Harrelson is bound to play Carnage.
Naomie Harris joins the cast to play the role of Shriek.
Michelle Williams reverts her role as Eddie Brock’s ex-fiancee – Anne Weying.
Reid Scott as Dan Lewis, Weying’s new boyfriend.
Stephen Graham as a mysterious character.
Sean Delaney is still an unknown character.
Beyond that, no new cast predictions have been made for the upcoming part. There were rumors of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appearing as a guest role but no proper detail.

Even though there are no official statements, there’s an outlet of the thought in the post-credits view of the first part.

As that is quite something to remember, Eddie Brock as a journalist drawn in psychopaths and particularly in Cletus Cassady. Both will have a gathering in the San Quintin jail. In the scene in the subject, the role performed by Woody Harrelson says – When I get out of here, I assure you that I will, there will be carnage for sure.


The movie previously titled Venom 2 is now officially named as – Venom: Let There be Carnage, which seems sick, and it implies that Harrelson’s Carnage is going to play an immense role in it. In English, Harrelson says the meaning of the word carnage is the name of the fiercest opponent in Spider-Man history. Therefore, there were a lot of thoughts on the appearance of Tom Holland in Venom 2.

Stay tuned for a lot more updates!!

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