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Vampires Are Back! Stephenie Meyer Is Working On Another Twilight Book

Stephenie Meyer is working another Twilight book and this one will be narrated by Edward Cullen.

We were all under the impression that we had long bid goodbye to The Twilight Saga. The spectacle ended with Bella Swan turning into a full-fledged vampire. She had also ended up giving birth to a half-human, half-vampire baby who miraculously falls in love with a werewolf, Jacob. It all seemed like the perfect ending to our beloved vampire series. However, according to recent reports, it seems like the author of the vampire series is looking to pen yet another book. According to a report published by The Guardian, the author is looking to write this book from Edward Cullen’s perspective. For those who are unaware, the first five books were written from Bella Swan’s point-of-view.

When Will Twilight’s New Book Release?

To recall, the first instalment of The Twilight series was published way back in 2005. At the time, a phenomenon as unique as vampires being provided a romantic and sexually-repressed touch, was quite new to the audience. It is truly a moment for all the Twilight fans to rejoice in as the author has officially announced the return of the vampire series. The announcement took place on the American show, Good Morning America. The author further announced that she will be titling the book, ‘The Midnight Sun.’ The title is expected to hit the shelves on August 4th 2020. In addition to this, she further added that the novel will be narrating the story of Twilight but from Edward Cullen’s perspective. As we all know, the character of Edward Cullen is played by none other than the Hollywood heartthrob, Robert Pattinson.

More about The Midnight Sun

To recall, the original series consisted of five books. The list included Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and two parts to Breaking Dawn. The series took the readers as well as the viewers of the movie (based on the novels) on a spectacular journey led by Bella Swan, which was played by actress Kristen Stewart. Meyers had made a brief appearance on the program, Good Morning America. During the show, she said that she was not sure as yet if this is the right time to put the book out for sale. It seems like it really is a good time for the author to put out her book, especially amidst the current craziness surrounding the Coronavirus situation. She further went on to add, “But some of you have been waiting for just so, so long it didn’t seem fair to make you wait any more.”


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