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Valorant Act 3, what to expect from the update? Is it free to play?


Valorant Act 3 is clearly going to be one of the most exciting seasons in the strategic shooting game. As part of the notification, Riot Games introduces a variety of reforms to the free-to-play title, such as a brand-new battle pass, new skincare, and a new map, among other modifications.

When is it going to launch?

Valorant Act 3 is set to be launched worldwide on Tuesday, 13 October.

When is it going to update and what to expect from the update?

Valorant officials have not given the precise date of launch; nevertheless, it is assumed that the update will be live at 6 AM PT. This is so players will line for their final graded match before 4:30 AM PT and there is likely to be a shorter servicing duration.
The latest episode will be brought a fresh Icebox map to the game in which players can play unrivaled games at the start, although they won’t be available for tournament matches right at the start. There will also be two bomb sites and several zip lines for the latest map.

With Valorant Act 3, fans will also have a new agent named Skye. She’s going to pack a range of skills and powers, including an AOE healing of allies, a Wolf drone to achieve vision and harm to her enemy, and a Bird capability she can explode to destroy opponents. She could also release three wolves to hunt down her enemies.

The upcoming Valorant Act 3 Battlepass will be introduced to the game and will feature a range of new material for players. New weekly mission progress will also be made, which will allow players to access more items. Players will also earn more XP to get their hands on all the exclusives ready for the new competitive tournament. Fans will now get a new premium edition of the pass to unlock different pieces and extra rewards.

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Is Valorant free for downloading?

You can download Valorant for free from the Riot Games website. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has an attachment point-nemesis in a new first-person shooter announced on June 2 by Riot Games called Valorant. The game has been unveiled for only PC gamers worldwide and is a 5v5 Free-to-Play game.

System requirement to play Valorant

You would require a minimum Processor equivalent to the Intel Core i3-370 M to play Valorant. However, developers suggest a Processor greater than or comparable to the Intel Core i3-4150 to play the game. The minimum memory limit for Valorant is 4 GB mounted on your computer.

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