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Until Dawn 2: What are the updates and features of the game?

Until Dawn 2 updates

This anthological interactive game which has gained quite a lot of popularity after its release. Supermassive Games are the developers of Until Dawn and it is published by Sony Entertainment. However, the game is not perfect for a weak heart as it involves scary elements. Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick are the writers and it was directed by Will Byles, Nik Bowen. The game has taken inspiration from other video games of the same genre which is horror. Some of these are Evil dead II, Poltergeist, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

However, the fans were expecting Until Dawn 2 to come out after the first. We don’t have good news regarding this for you as the team mentioned no plans for a second part of the video game. The team is planning on a different project The Dark Picture-Man of Medan. To know more about this game, continue reading.

Is the game worth playing?

The game received many positive critics more than what was expected as there was no much effort for marketing from the team. The game was praised for its characters, buildings, story, butterfly effects and so on. However, it was also criticised for motion control, second act and dialogues. The game also received awards for it. Moreover, the fact that it was the second best selling game makes it an interesting one. Until Dawn brings chills to the players with the scary and adventurous atmosphere throughout the game.

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What is the Gameplay of Until Dawn?

This Playstation game revolves around the adventure of eight young children. The characters are expected to survive throughout the game until dawn when they are rescued. The game is played in single-player mode and the players have to find clues and totems so they can expect what might come as they move ahead. Moreover, the butterfly effect where the players choose what to do. They take decisions ranging from picking up a book to even deciding what will happen to the other characters. The player is first given a chance to read about his character and the relationship it shares with others. The death of the characters is determined by the decisions taken by the player.

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