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Unordinary Anime: Is there scope for an anime for the webtoon?

UnOrdinary animated

Koreans are a fan of webtoon and one such webtoon that stood out was UnOrdinary. The series received positive reviews for its story and plot. Since the creators have not announced any plans to release the webtoon as anime. However, the audience began asking for it by signing petitions even. The webtoon first aired on May 24, 2016. Uru Chan is the creator of this wonderful work. It has a total of 187 episodes. Now the wait is for this very loved webtoon to be turned into an anime. Moreover, UnOrdinary has enough potential to be turned into an anime considering the fanbase and the 187 episodes which are enough to make an anime out of it.

The storyline of UnOrdinary

UnOrdinary talks about the protagonist John Doe who is studying at Wellston Private High School. This school unlike most other schools have students who possess powers. However, John does not have any powers on his own. This is a huge disappointment among others. Wellston Private High school is controlled by the King, Queen and Ace. The order and discipline are maintained by them. Further, we see the other students treating John badly because of his lack of power. But we come to realize that John is no ordinary boy and he possesses something that can make him overpower everyone else.

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Other updates on UnOrdinary anime

The show is right now in the form of webtoon and it has been well received by every viewer. The story has captured the interest of many and now they are eager to watch it in the form of an anime. We can expect the anime to come out in 2021. The delay is due to the pandemic. If the production begins soon and everything goes well, we can expect to see it by 2021 or 2022.

The characters of the show will be the same as webtoon. This includes John, Seraphina (Wellston’s Ace), Arlo (King), Remi (the queen of Wellston), Cecile, Blyke and Elaine. We can also expect some new faces for the anime.

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