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Universal Releases Movies “Straight To Homes”

The production house had decided to release the movie directly on DVD.

The current Coronavirus situation is really impacting the film industry. Several movies are releasing directly on DVD. It has been taking place since March. Since March, we are witnessing endless movies releasing on home media, earlier than they are scheduled. Many films have had to face a situation wherein they have had to delay the theatrical release of the movie because it hasn’t been possible for them to release otherwise. Similarly, Universal Pictures is also looking towards following a similar routine. In the past three months, Universal Pictures has been able to release Trolls World Tour. It’s sequel had also released on 10th of April only on DVD.

It wasn’t a bad decision on the side of Universal Pictures because the movie ended up generating a lot of revenue for the production house. They ended up being quite beneficial to the production house and thus, studio’s interest in releasing movies directly on DVD grew stronger. It seems like they are no longer interested in releasing movies in the theatres. This may end up severing their ties with the theatre owners. The theatre owners are among the first businesses to be directly affected by the sudden change in the environment, wherein all the individuals are required to maintain a 2-metre distance to avoid dying.

In a similar effort, Universal Pictures is also planning on releasing ‘Straight To Homes’ directly on DVD. The movie is expected to come out on the 29th of May. Along with this, Universal Pictures is also expected to release the movie, The High Note in the upcoming days. The movie will be available for rent during a 48-hour period on demand. The cost of the DVD will just about remain the same as $19.99. On the other than, Tracee Ellis Ross is also among the few stars, who has been able to make an announcement regarding this.

The High Note Cast Members

The High Note goes on to feature big stars including Tracee Ellis Ross. She is expected to play the role of Grace Davis. As far as we have all the details regarding this role, she is a music superstar. Her talent are such that they will go on to achieve great deeds. She is also accompanied by Dakota Johnson, who plays the role of Maggie. Maggie is going to be Grace’s personal assistant, who always seems to be consistently overworked.

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