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Universal Pictures and AMC’s Deal will make movies stream online

Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres struck a deal on Thursday, July 30, which might shorten the number of days between a theatrical release and OTT release.

According to the reports, one of the largest theatre chains in the United States, AMC theatres, disclosed that they have struck a multi-year deal with Hollywood studio Universal Pictures on Tuesday, July 28.  Reportedly, it has been fixed in a deal that AMC Theatres can hold a minimum of three weekends (17 days) of exclusive theatrical rights of screening a Universal Pictures films. Now, any film would be released on online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others.

Thus, it was stated that movies would be released on OTT by Universal Pictures movies sprightly than earlier. There are several reports which confirm that originally, the gap between a Hollywood movie’s theatrical and digital release was 90 days. But, now,  the gap has been shortened to 17 days in the Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres’ new deal.

New deal between Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres has arisen questions as ‘’will  big-budgeted Hollywood movies be released online earlier than before ?’’

However, we have several reports, which suggests that the deal between the Hollywood studio and theatres is not going to hamper the business of big-budgeted movies. The gap between the theatrical release and digital release would be increased by the Universal Studios for its big-budgeted films like Jurrasic Park franchise and many others since big-budgeted movies earn more through theatrical release.

If reports are to be believed, many big movies do not even meet their production cost over the first few weeks box office collection. In the Meantime, many theatre owners have shown their annoyance.

A few days ago, it was rumoured that the former’s movie Trolls: World Tour’s direct OTT release was a reason to split between Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres. It was also reported that AMC Theatres threatened to ban all Universal Pictures films from their theatre chains henceforth. Though, the latest deal appears to favour for AMC theatres.





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