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Uncut Gems: Netflix’s Latest Gem Going to launch soon

Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler has a solid gold deal with Netflix. The actor, considered ultra-bankable for the platform, finds there an ideal place to express his cinematographic desires, as was the case with Murder Mystery. His latest film on the platform, Uncut Gems, is available from January 31. A long-standing project of the directors, the Safdie brothers, who didn’t necessarily pack the actor initially. He gave up after being courted several times. Rightly so, if we believe in its performance.

Uncut gems, the Adam Sandler reveal

If you think of Adam Sandler, comedies come to mind first. This is clearly his biggest record. Suffice it to say, seeing him in a drama is somewhat intriguing.

He plays a jeweller from New York, ready to do anything to appear “informed” and especially to survive. A race against the clock, in the middle of his small businesses more or less legal. Over the course of the film, he tries to escape from creditors, while making a fortune, and rebuilding his life with a new wife, while taking care of his children.

Adam Sandler’s magic in Uncut Gems

If you approach the movie with a bit of concern and can instantly blame the lack of readability and sequences that are difficult to decipher, it’s impossible not to salute its XXL performance. Lightly served up by an uneven soundtrack, Adam Sandler is sublimated by Darius Khondji, the film’s cinematographer. The rhythm and energy of the film attract us with Adam Sandler, who appears permanently or almost on the screen, the high verb, in a sweet madness that we cannot leave intact.

One would almost regret that the actor was not considered by the Oscars. But we can only hope it makes him want to push the limits of his talent a little more.

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What happened at the Toronto International Film Festival?

when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, calling the film a “wild ride that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let you go until the end credits, with such frenzied energy you swear you you’re watching the movie version of cocaine “in your review. UNCUT GEMS is now streaming on Netflix.

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