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Unbreakable: The Beginning of Shayamalan’s Eastrail Trilogy


Unbreakable – Comic books, or graphic novels as you may, often give us hope and boost our imagination, especially superhero comics. So much so that it has a lot of us wishing for actual superpowers. In the case of David Dunn, that actually came true as he realized he was quite literally invincible after being the sole survivor of a horrific train wreck.

Unbreakable, the movie which tells this fictional tale, is based on the idea that what if people actually had superpowers in the real world to some extent and is complete with a superhero and a mastermind villain, Mr.Glass, which is played by Samuel L Jackson.

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The Eastrail 177 Trilogy

Unbreakable is the first in a series of three movies which together form the Eastrail 177 trilogy, which is the movies’ own small cinematic universe, kind of like The MCU but not quite as vast.

While Unbreakable introduces us to our protagonist and antagonist Dunn and Glass respectively and shows us what the two are capable of, the next movie in the trilogy, Split, focuses on Kevin, a man suffering from an extreme dissociative identity disorder. In English, Kevin is a man suffering from split personalities, 23 of them, the 23rd one being the beast, yet another superhuman form.

Turns out Kevin is but a puppet in Glass’ plan and eventually ends up facing off against Dunn in the final movie in the Eastrail trilogy, Glass.


While the two sequels focus on the stories of Kevin and Mr.Glass, unbreakable is the story of how Bruce Willis’ character The Overseer was born. The movie received fairly positive reviews from the critics and managed to secure an IMDB rating of 7.3, which is not bad at all.

While the finale of the trilogy did not exactly get the kind of reviews Shaymalan was hoping for, Unbreakable was a near-perfect origin story. However, what may have held it down a little was the lack of any good action sequences in the movie, which focused instead on character development, laying the groundwork for Dunn and his nemesis Glass, whilst trying to introduce the superhuman element in a seemingly normal world.


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