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Unbelievable Season 2, Is there any chances for season 2?

Detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duvall

Netflix’s Unbelievable is based on a true story revolving around 18-year-old Marie who is brutally raped and then later doubted by the police and her family when she files a report.

To make matters worse, Marie is even charged for filing a false report by the detectives who made her recant her original report in the first place.

Back in Colorado, Detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duvall cross paths while investigating a series of cases similar to Marie’s, leading them to believe they might be on the trail of a serial rapist.

Real-life crimes make perfect adaptations for movies and TV, and Netflix’s eight-episode stint of Unbelievable mesmerized fans while leaving them horrified at the same time. With many fans now wondering if there will ever be an Unbelievable season 2, read on to find out all we know of the matter.

Will there be an Unbelievable Season 2?

Netflix’s Unbelievable required only 1 season and 8 episodes to tell its tale. It was produced as a limited series and was never intended to go beyond one season because you can’t follow up a true story with a script. In Layman’s terms, there will definitely not be a season 2 for Unbelievable.

The most that fans can expect could be an anthology series where each episode tells a new tale. Showrunner Susannah Grant explains that the case behind unbelievable had some excellent journalism and documentation behind it, and to come across a similar case might not be easy, if at all possible.

Fan Responses

Here are some of the tweets by fans in support of the show:


Unbelievable went on to win 4 Golden Globe Nominations including Best TV Limited Series.

Unbelievable Season 2 expected Cast

If the season releases then these are expected cast:

  • Kaitlyn Denver as Marie Adler
  • Toni Collette as Detective Grace Rasmussen
  • Merritt Wever as Detective Karen Duvall
  • Blake Ellis as Chris McCarthy
  • Dale Dickey as Rose Marie
  • Liza Lapira as Mia
  • Kai Lennox as Steve Rasmussen

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Where to Watch

Catch Unbelievable exclusively only on Netflix.

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