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‘Turn Up Charlie’ Season 2 Is Cancelled

The first season of ‘Turn Up Charlie’ landed on Netflix on March, 15th 2019.

Netflix was quite hopeful when they released the first season of ‘Turn Up Charlie’ on their platform back on March 15th, 2019. However, unfortunately for them, they were not able to garner a lot of positive reviews with the series. According to the latest sources, it appears like there were talks about a potential second season to be in the making, it never really did end up meeting its eventual fate. It appears like as per sources, the second season of ‘Turn Up Charlie’ has ended up being cancelled.

In the past, most of the characters that Idris Elba usually played were leaning towards being quite serious. The actor decided to take a different route with ‘Turn Up Charlie.’ One would expect that the actor maybe playing a serious role now too, however, what comes out of it is pure comedy. In numerous press interviews, the actor has officially stated that he has exited his comfort zone with the role in ‘Turn Up Charlie.’

Turn Up Charlie Plotline

The storyline of the show typically follows the life of a DJ who is plotting to rebuild his music career. He is also working as a nanny at the same time. He is babysitting his best friend’s 11-year-old daughter, who happens to be wanting to live on the edge. Not many might be aware of this but Idris Elba has done much more for this series than just act in it. As per reports, he has also gotten involved in the project with the writing of the show. In a recent interview, he was quoted as saying that the story that surrounds Turn Up Charlie primarily can be based on parenting itself. He also stated that most of the stories that are surrounding the show, are going to be associated with themes of being a father. He said that he has been inspired by the true events in his personal life while writing the script for the show and it was truly enjoyable for the actor.

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Cancelled

The online-streaming platform appears to have cancelled the possibility of the second season of Turn Up Charlie. The announcement was reportedly under development since November 2019. Initially, it was expected to Netflix to take the future decision of the show in the coming future. However, the plans never materialised and Netflix had to cancel the show all together. It was confirmed when Piper Perabo also tweeted the same and officially confirmed that the second season won’t be rolling.

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