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Trisha Yearwood: net worth, personal life, career and other updates

Trisha Yearwood


Patricia Lynn Yearwood is also known to us by the name Trisha Yearwood. She is multitalented and is known as a country recording artist, actress, author, television personality and also a celebrity chef. She is famous for her wide array of albums hits, acting, and also for her cooking show and cookbooks. Over her career years, she has collected many accolades. Trisha Yearwood’s net worth is known to be around $100 million. Along with that, her spouse Garth Brooks, one of the famous country singer has a net worth of $350 million. And so together, the couple is worth around $400 million.

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Early life

Born in Monticello, Georgia (September 19, 1964). Trisha Yearwood was passionate about music from an early age. She used to participate in various events conducted by the community she was part of and her school. She graduated from high school in Yearwood and went on to pursue an associate degree in business from Young Harris College. Trisha Yearwood is a dropout of the University of Georgia and later went on to pursue a business degree in music from Belmont College. She always tried to be a music artist. And she had a boost in her career when MTM records gave her an opportunity to do an internship in their company. She had come across many talented artists during this period who helped in her music career.


Trisha Yearwood has released many country music albums some of which have topped the Billboard charts. She was the first female singer to sell millions of copies of her albums. One of her major influencers is Linda Ronstadt along with Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. She received many accolades and nomination including 3 each in Grammy Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association awards.

Later, she has launched various cookbooks and inclined to cook. She wrote these books along with her relatives. Even though her books were in the New York Times Bestseller, it has criticised for its unhealthy recipes. However, this did not stop her, she went on to start a cooking show in Food Networks called Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. The show received various positive remarks and the audience loved seeing a different side of her.

She has also made a debut in various television shows like JAG, Dr Quinns, Medicine Woman, The Passion and also hosted tenth annual CMA Country Christmas.

Personal life

Trisha Yearwood has married twice, first to Chris Latham and later to Garth Brooks who was her long time friend. Yearwood and Brooks are known to be the favourite country couple. They share a deep bond with each other. She is also the mother of three children. Apart from carrying out numerous roles of being a singer, actress, mother, wife, Yearwood also carries a beautiful heart. She is known for being a philanthropist, her music project “My Favourite Things” supported many families of servicemen. The couple together has also taken initiative to build flood walls in Orleans and protective structures in Mississippi. She is also part of various Humanity Projects to support women. Apart from this, they donated $1 million for relief efforts during a pandemic.


Trisha Yearwood is an actress, singer and a chef. She is widely known for her country music albums. Her final work was “Every Girl” which launched in 2019. The fans are waiting to see the lovely artist come up with more new projects and exploring her interests.





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