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Trinkets returning with season 2: Official release date revealed

After witnessing the successful first season, Trinkets are returning with season 2. This will be the final season of the Trinkets franchise.

According to the reports and news, Netflix wanted to let viewers know that there will not be the third season for the Trinkets. This season will be the final season for the series.

Last year, in a press conference, Netflix officials revealed the renewal of season second for Trinkets, but at that time, the actual date was not confirmed. Only it was confirmed that it would be launched in August 2020.

Here is the now actual release date for the season 2 and that is 25 August 2020.

Trinkets had also announced this on their twitter handle.

The plot of the season

The storyline revolves around a teenage girl who feels highly energetic after getting admission in the high school. Her life changes, when she discovers herself attached with her two friends and lands to the same situation where they two follow her.

In this season, one of the trio, Moe, will be seen stealing an alcohol bottle after getting to know that her STEM session abroad proposal been aroused. 

Spoiler Ahead: If you haven’t watched season 1, don’t read this.

The last episode of season 1 would give an idea to fans that what Trinkets Season 2 will focus on. The season one ended with major suspense for each character.

For Elodie new season will be more alone than ever after she ran away from home to avoid treatment facility sent for her.

Similarly, Tabitha is also facing severe effect after stealing Brady’s car, and Moe has started slipping after taking a bottle of tequila in the finale. 

The cast in Trinkets Season 2

Brianna Hideberg; Kiana Madeira; Quintessa Swindell; Brandon Buffer; Odiseas Georgiadis;

Larry Sullivan; Dana Green will be starring in the Trinkets Season 2.

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