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Travis Scott – Relationship, Career and Net worth of the Rapper?

Travis Scott Net worth

Travis Scott, who is authoritatively known as Jacques Webster Jr., is an American vocalist, rapper, record maker, and musician. He has two mixtapes, to be specific Cruel Owl Pharaoh and Days before Rodeo of 2013 and 2014, individually. His collections remember Rodeo and Birds for the Trap Sing McKnight. He and Quavo delivered a synergistic one of every 2017 on 22nd December. It is named Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho.


All things considered, he has had a few. In 2015, there were gossipy tidbits that he was dating a model named Chantel Jeffries. That very year, they momentarily dated the celebrated artist known as Rihanna. In April 2017, Scott began dating Kylie Jenner.


He was just 18 when Travis Scott entered the music business. Around then, he was a record-maker. At that point, he and Chris Holloway framed a pair and delivered Myspace (2008). In 2009, he, OG Chess, and another colleague of theirs shaped a gathering called The Classmates. After the disbandment of the couple, he moved to start with one city then onto the next, looking for greener fields.

In 2013, a mixtape named Owl Pharaoh saw the light of the day. One of the singles of a similar included Quintana. The next year, he delivered the subsequent one and gave it the name Days before Rodeo. Because of its prosperity, Travis Scott coordinated a show visit, which debuted on first March 2015.

That very year, on the fourth of December, he delivered Rodeo. It was delivered by Grand Hustle, just as Epic Records. It included different performers, among them Kanye West, Lee, Justin Bieber, Chief Keef, just as Young Thug. The collection’s hit singles were Antidote and 3500.

His tune, along with Thug named Pick up the Phone, was additionally a hit. In this way, he delivered his subsequent collection, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. In 2017, he delivered Butterfly Effect, Green and Purple, and A Man on SoundCloud. He and Quavo delivered their collection Huncho Jack, Huncho Jack, on 21ST December 2017.

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Net worth Of Travis Scott

Travis Scott has a net worth of around $45 million. For example, he has two studio collections, two mixtapes just as a communitarian collection. The deals from every one of them have contributed altogether to his abundance. Other acquiring are for showing up on TV as himself and as a melodic visitor in a different arrangement. Other than that, he sets up melodies and produces accounts.

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