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Training Strategies to Pass Microsoft MD-100 Exam labs. How Can Practice Tests Help Get the Passing Score?

The Microsoft MD-100 exam labs is the first step you should take to get closer to earning the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge. During this assessment, you will demonstrate that you can configure and deploy various devices in an enterprise environment and maintain Windows 10.

As this is not an easy test, you will need to study hard to get the passing score from the first try. Fortunately, the vendor has taken care of everything and developed different study materials to help you gain the right abilities successfully. Are you ready to learn more about the resources you can use to ace Exam labs MD-100 hassle-free?

Official Training Resources for MD-100

The starting point for those willing to succeed in Exam-Labs MD-100 is referring to the Microsoft website. It contains relevant information on the available learning options that cover all the knowledge areas you have to master. If you check the exam’s official webpage, you will find two training options. The first one a free self-paced course that can be completed in less than 4 hours. It includes 9 modules that disclose the following themes:

  1. How to get started with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 apps
  2. Analyzing device and app readiness for Windows 10
  3. Analyzing the suitability of directory and network for Microsoft 365
  4. Delivering Microsoft 365 apps and developing related business apps
  5. Migrating user files and settings in Microsoft 365 environment
  6. Updating the security and compliance configuration for Microsoft 365 applications and Windows 10
  7. Deploying, upgrading, and migrating to Windows 10
  8. Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 services
  9. Using modern features of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365

The second type of training offered by the vendor is the paid instructor-led class. This course lasts for 5 days during which the students will understand how to support and configure a Windows 10 desktop and use it in an enterprise environment. If you enroll in this class, you will learn how to customize, install, and update Windows 10 infrastructure.

Practice Tests Help You Make a Difference

Apart from utilizing official materials, you shouldn’t forget about answering sample questions from practice exam labs tests. Our recommendation is to use these files after each chapter and after going through all the topics. Thus, you will be able to monitor your progress and check whether you are ready to take ExamSnap MD-100 exam or you need to study particular concepts more. Also, practice tests are an efficient exercise that will show you how the assessment is structured and how difficult it is.


If obtaining the Microsoft exam labs certification for Modern Desktop Administrator Associate is your objective right now, then you should get ready to pass Exam snap MD-100 assessment along with the second one, MD-101. As it is not a simple test, you should take training seriously, gaining information from different preparation materials. Enroll in the official courses, supplement them with practice tests, and you’ll become ready to ace the exam on the first try!

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