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Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android

Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android

Since our daily lives have concentrated on our phones, it becomes imperative to protect the photos and videos and all other data stored since it could land you in trouble if someone else with not so good intentions gets his hands on the data. Similarly, a common problem is when someone who could be a relative, friend, or family, could get a glimpse of your gallery where you might have saved sensitive data that otherwise mustn’t be seen by anyone else or it could be a file that contains important codes for your Banks which needs to be protected.

The only between these types of files and any intruder is the phone lock or fingerprint or say, face for facial recognition. So, how do you ensure that all the data remains private even if someone gets hold of your phone? You use apps that allow users to hide photos, videos, and other files or say a vault. The best thing is, you are here to read about the top five apps that lockout or make photos and videos among other data private.

App Lock
Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android
App Lock is the most widely used vault with more than 350 downloads and counting. It has been around since the early versions of Android OS and therefore, it has accumulated plenty of features that users could use. It has a vault where users can hide photos and videos and other files. Further, it locks people out of selected apps such as WhatsApp where the invader would require another password or other unlocking mechanism to unlock it.

Among the various features, it has included fingerprint lock, incognito browser, time lock, hides AppLock for better protection, locks switch Intruder selfie, private SNS to name a few. It prevents force stopping app as well as uninstalling a protected app and much more. The app is available for free on Google Play Store for Android users with in-app purchases to extend its functionalities. Check out the AppLock Review here and download it on your Android smartphone here.

KeepSafe Photo Vault
Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android
With more than 50 million downloads and more than 1 billion photos and videos being entrusted by users, Keepsafe Photo Vault is truly amazing as it is one of the industry leaders that gives military-grade protection and hides photos, videos, documents, photocopies of credit cards, password, etc. The app is a straightforward vault for photos and videos only and therefore it doesn’t support protecting apps.

There are plenty of features varying from the backup of photos for easy and remote recovery, safe send photo sharing, and support to PIN, pattern, and fingerprint. It has a pretty awesome paid version that syncs the photos with cloud and stores more than 5000 photos on your private cloud. It has a trash recovery feature too and that’s just a few of the feature that you can enjoy with it. You can download it from the Play Store here. Check out the TeCake review for KeepSafe!!!

Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android
This particular app is truly one package and many features app. It has an app lock that as said, mark the apps that you choose as private and requires PIN, Pattern or fingerprint to unlock it. Moving further, it has a video and photo safe vault that secures these files thus preventing it from being seen by anyone who gets his/her hands on your phone. It has numerous themes to choose from along with notification cleaner that helps get rid of cluttered notifications that fill up the notification panel.

It has an intruder selfie features that takes a selfie of whomsoever unauthorisedly tries accessing your files as well as apps. The simple user interface is it topmost feature along with coverage to multiple languages including few local languages makes it a must-have. Here’s the app on Play Store. You can read the review for this app here!

Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android
Similar to AppLock, Vault doesn’t limit itself hiding photos and videos only. Vault is an easy to use app that locks contacts, SMS, call logs, apps, along with securing photos and videos that you can hide. You can create multiple vaults or you can create fake vaults that would confuse the intruder whoever checks the phone for anything on your phone and tries accessing this app.

Further, it has a break-in alert feature which is kinda self-explanatory. Apart from that, the best option it has and AppLock doesn’t is the backup support in case your phone is lost or you need to recover some files, etc. The app disappears itself from the desktop as well which means, someone who knows that you have some files hidden, he/she wouldn’t be able to locate the icon on the desktop which is a great feature if you think about it. The app has an incognito mode internet browser that allows safe and secure internet usage without being spied on or without leaving any traces of history, etc. Click here to download. You can read the TeCake Review on Vault!

Private Zone
Top five best photo and video hiding apps for Android
Install the app on your Android smartphone and you’ll notice that it has many features available. It has an album feature that hides photos while the video feature does it for video formats and keeps it nicely organized and available at a glance. The app has a private VPN feature which allows him/her to browse the internet without being spied on his/her location and system in use since VPN is used to mask the identity of the system in use and the location. The app lock feature keeps a tab on all the apps that are installed on your phone adding another layer of security apart from the phone lock or pattern or fingerprint that you use to access the phone.

The app has a RAM Manager which as suggested, boosts the RAM in use. The spam call intercept filters all the spam calls which are annoying and would otherwise require manual intervention to cancel those calls. The app is free to use and that is the reason why it has plenty of ads on display which is one thing that will annoy you but if you purchase a premium subscription, you can bypass all the ads as well as get added features. Check it out on Play Store! Here’s the review though!

I don’t think so any app other than AppLock (listed at first position) offers an ad-free environment even after you are using a free version where AppLock does have ads but just negligible in numbers. But if you are looking for a cloud backup option with remote recovery, you can go for Keepsafe Photo Vault and similarly, if you are looking for Private VPN, use Private Zone. Since it is difficult to choose the right app, we decided to review all the apps enlisted above after going through it personally. Check out for the reviews that will be uploaded soon.

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